5 of the Best Things to Mix With Electrolyte Powder

Updated on December 24, 2021

Ever wish you could have that midday pick me up that did not involve compromising on sugars you do not want and had no artificial or dangerous ingredients you don’t feel like you can trust? The great news is that with HRDWRK electrolytes you can get exactly what you need to keep you going strong, without any of the compromises! 

The best thing about HRDWRK’s electrolyte powder is that it’s unflavored formula can be added to a variety of your favorite drinks! Before getting into that, It’s important to first cover what an electrolyte is and why you should care about them.

What Exactly is Electrolyte Powder?

An electrolyte powder is a powerful supplement that helps you stay on track with your health goals and supplies your body with important substances that you need. This not only helps to keep you on track for your long term goals but also supports your daily energy needs all throughout your body. 

Our bodies are constantly using ions such as sodium, potassium and magnesium. These ions work to keep important functions like electrical pulses, fluid movement and cellular processes in place. Without a balanced amount of electrolytes the human body can experience a host of undesirable and even potentially dangerous symptoms.

Low Electrolyte Symptoms

The danger of having low levels of electrolytes means that the human body’s natural ability to remain in homeostasis is threatened. Ions act to do several things within the body that are vitally important. 

For instance, they can help keep electrical signals and impulses regular – such as the ones originating in your heart that causes contraction and relaxation. When a person experiences extreme electrolyte imbalances it can actually have negative effects on their cardiace health. Not only that but even the brain makes use of these important ions to help a neuron function the way that it should.

In more normal, less urgent situations, electrolyte imbalances can cause fatigue, headache and even nausea. 

When Do You Need Electrolyte Powder?

The most significant times that we need an electrolyte supplement such as a powder would be when experiencing fluid loss or exercise. This most commonly happens in healthy adults when they experience strenuous exercise that causes the body to sweat. 

Your sweat itself carries with it important ions that will need replenishing. An electrolyte Powder can help you do this quickly and effectively without interrupting your day. 

What’s the Benefit of No Added Sugar?

The reason that HRDWRK electrolyte powder stands out from the competition is not only because it uses the best ingredients, but because HRDWRK is committed to making it compromise free. With an incredibly low calorie count and no added sugars, you can supply your body with what you need and not have to worry about adding anything you don’t want! 

How Do You Make it Tasty

Just because this powder doesn’t have added sugar doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy mixing it with your favorite drinks! In fact, the electrolyte powder works hard to get you all the balanced electrolytes that your body needs to stay functioning and plays well with a variety of mixes. 

Just because HRDWRK’s electrolyte powder won’t give you tons of added sugar and artificial ingredients, doesn’t mean that you can’t make you HRDWRK electrolyte drink taste delicious. Here are some of our favorite things to mix up in the signature electrolyte powder to keep you going! 

Coconut and Non-Dairy Milks

Non Dairy milks make great vehicles for enjoying your electrolyte replenishment! Mix in some organic coco and a little sugar to your taste and preference for extra sweetness and enjoy!

Fruit Juices

Fruits are a terrific source of healthy, natural sugars. Since this electrolyte powder has no added sugars, you can’t go wrong mixing it with delicious natural ingredients like orange or even pomegranate juice! 

Lemon Aid

Warmer seasons tend to be the time that a person can experience the most dehydration by simply being in hot weather and favorite summer drinks don’t have to be a stranger to electrolyte powder. Mix in HRDWRK to your favorite summertime drink like fresh squeezed lemon aid! 


One of the favorite ways to mix in electrolyte powder to your day is in a delicious smoothie! Whatever you enjoy – throw in a scoop of electrolyte powder and experience the rich benefits! 


Another great option for a healthy, nutritious mix is your favorite kinds of teas. Mixing in electrolyte powder with the power of your favorite green tea or even loose leaf teas can make for a powerful boost to your day!

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