5 Most Common Consequences of Causing a Car Accident


There is no doubt that the invention of cars has revolutionized the idea of mobility in the modern era, but it has brought a lot of challenges as well. Car accidents have increased at a rapid rate globally in the last couple of decades because people have not been religiously following the tips to avoid car accidents.  

The reason behind this negligence is predominantly a lack of motivation, as people do not feel the agency can save themselves from such accidents. Therefore, we have listed here the five most common consequences of a car accident so that you feel more responsible and active next time you go behind the wheel.

1.     Physical Damage:

Although physical injuries caused by car accidents can vary in strength from one crash to another, they still can be severe enough to cause trouble for several days. Therefore, if you are a reckless driver, be aware that car accidents can hurt you with several medical conditions like scrapes, cuts, head, and back injuries. Moreover, you can also suffer severe neck and limb injuries, which in extreme cases, can cause permanent conditions like paralysis.

2.     Mental Damage:

When people are involved in a car accident, they mostly tend to their physical injuries and forget about the emotional impact of a car accident. This psychological impact gets even worse when you are the one who caused the car accident and is responsible for injuring or taking the life of someone.

The feelings of guilt and shame will flood your system such that you will find yourself reeling with chronic anxiety and depression. Moreover, you will not be able to get behind the wheel of the car again because it will remind you of the horrible accident. Lastly, you may have to deal with the stress of dealing with court proceedings and hiring a lawyer who can settle a car accident case.

3.     Surging of insurance rates:

Insurance companies work by hedging their bets on a driver based on factors like age, gender, and car model. Insurers evaluate these factors to make a decision about insuring a driver such that he does not cost them money. But, none of these factors are more important than the driver’s accident history because it gives them a basis to analyze the driver’s likelihood of crashing his car.

If you crash your car, your insurance company is likely to increase its premiums because, in the insurer’s eyes, you will become a dangerous driver. But, be aware that not all kinds of accidents will make sure insurance rates go up. 

4.     Facing a lawsuit:

As previously explained, you are likely to get sued if you happen to cause a car accident, but not all accidents lead to such lawsuits because your insurance company will pay for the damages filed by the victim. Similarly, there are some lawsuits in which insurance companies will be unwilling to settle by paying the damages because the demanded amount exceeds your coverage amount. As a result, the case will go to trial, and you will have a full hearing, which can be a dicey proposition.

5.     Getting charged with a criminal offense:

Although not all accidents will expose you to the charges of a criminal offense, there still are some common ones that put people in jail. For example, if you happen to cause a car accident while driving recklessly or under the influence of drugs, you will likely be charged with a criminal offense.