5 Life Hacks to Save Space in Your House

Updated on April 26, 2021

Do you live in a small accommodation, just like the majority of us do? And of course, you would like not to sacrifice the comfort and functionality of your home. How is it possible to have everything that you want and need, and still, avoid clogging your house to the extent that one will not be able to move in it?

We have a solution for you. This solution is called linear actuators. They can turn your home into a completely new space able to accommodate just anything.

Start with a New TV

Have you been dreaming about a new TV-set for ages but for now, there is no sufficient space for it? Now, the issue can be solved once and forever. You can hide TV in a cabinet, behind a wall of your bookcase, or just lift it on a wall. 

To do so, you need a lift system. Its choice depends on where you decide to accommodate your new TV-set. Do you have a nice cabinet where you can hide the device? If yes, fix the TV lift inside, make an opening in the top, and install the device on the TV lift. Now, you have a new TV-set, and when you don’t use it, you can just hide it in the cabinet.

You can use the lift system to hide your TV-set behind a furniture piece and make it either drop-down or popup when your favourite movie is being translated.

What about Some Additional Storage Place in Your Bedroom?

Your bedroom is, most likely, used as a storage space for many things. What about modernizing the space and making it more convenient? 

You would need a couple of rather powerful actuators, a bed frame, and some space to store things beneath the bed.

Fix the actuators to the base and the bed frame in a way to make the bed frame lift when you push the remote button. Once the bed frame is lifted, the base is exposed. In some models, the base is already made in a way to allow storing things. If your bed isn’t equipped with such storage space, build it. Another option is just to put a huge box under the bed. 

Of course, you might be already using the space under the bed to store your things. However, with actuators, it becomes more comfortable and incomparably safer. The devices are locked in the same place if there is a power cut or in the case of breakage. Thus, you will not be damaged by the bedframe.

Sofa Can Be Used in the Same Way

Many people use the space beneath a sofa to store things. Some sofas are even built with storage space. Automate it for more convenience and security, and you will see how convenient this storage space can be.

A Lift Column for Your Kitchen

A kitchen is a place where you want to have everything at hand without compromising anything. It happens that we don’t buy a device that would facilitate our life immensely because we don’t have space in the kitchen. 

A lifting column can solve at least the major issues. Here are the instructions on how to proceed:

  • Install the column in one of the kitchen cabinets.
  • In the cabinet top, make an opening big enough to make the device pass.
  • On the column, fix a platform where you will install the wished device.
  • Check whether the system works properly. In the lifted position, the platform shall be at the level of the cabinet top.
  • Fix the device on the column.

Now, in the lowered position, the device is hidden in the cabinet. In the lifted position, it can be used as if it were on the cabinet top. If you want, attach a cap on the opening to close it when the device isn’t in operation.

A Rack for Spices

Another useful innovation in your kitchen can be a drop-down rack for spices. You can use a small shelf or a usual rack for spices to automate it with the help of a couple of linear actuators.

You can proceed like this:

  • Measure, where you are going to install the rack. The best option is to do it in a wall-mounted kitchen cabinet. The backside of such items is either rarely used or applies to store unnecessary things. You can use the available space for the rack.
  • Make an opening in the bottom of the cabinet. Through this opening, the rack will be lowered. 
  • On the backside of the cabinet, install a linear actuator. It will lift and lower the rack. The height shall be sufficient to make the rack hide when the actuator is in its retracted position and to enable you to use the rack when the actuator is in its extended position.
  • Fix the rack to the lower side of the actuator. 

Test whether it passes through the opening seamlessly and accommodate there your spices. Now, you can use the devices.

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