5 Health Concerns And Challenges Women Should Not Ignore

Updated on October 1, 2020


The stresses, tensions, and challenges of everyday lives make women ignore their health. Looking after the children, preparing the household, and tending to professional engagements can be tiring. For a majority of women, health takes a firm backseat until serious complications start to rear its ugly head. 

Looking after their health, eating healthy, exercising regularly, and going for medical check-ups are all relegated to the background. Medical professionals state the importance of taking proactive preventive measures to nip serious ailments and illnesses. 

In this article, we are going to look at five health concerns and challenges, women should not ignore at any cost. Before we begin, let us first look at some of the major reasons, why women tend to ignore them. 

Major Reasons Why Women Ignore Health Concerns

We spoke to some leading medical practitioners and asked them why women tend to ignore their health concerns. According to health experts, some women have simply given up caring for themselves. Being caught up in the cycle of everyday pressures, they neither have the time, not the energy, and not even the inclination to address health concerns. 

Another reason, which might appear to be shocking is that women do not want to hear such news. For example, one doctor stated that many women do not like to be told that they are leading unhealthy lifestyles or that there are certainly red flags, which should be paid heed. 

The non-availability of time is also one of the major reasons put forth by a lot of women. However, what is more, troubling is the fact that some women interpret health concerns and challenges as some sort of weakness. This is more common when it comes to mental health. 

List of 5 Health Concerns Women should not ignore

Irregular Breathing- 

If you are experiencing irregular breathing, it can be a sign of problematic heart activity. Loss of breath is followed mild to serious fatigue. While it may be dismissed very easily based on a number of reasons, it is important to report the same to your doctor. If you feel that the breathing issues are becoming common, you should seek medical help immediately. 

Breast Lumps- 

Women suffer from certain forms of cancer, which are not found in men. Irregular lumps on the breast are something that deserves serious attention. According to the Thomson Breast Centre, women should perform regular breast examinations at home. If they find something, which is not common, they should immediately contact a specialist. 

Not enough Sleep- 

Given the tiring nature of everyday work, many women find it difficult to get enough sleep. Irregular sleeping habits are not healthy and can lead to serious issues if not checked at the right time. If you feel you are not getting good sleep, you should immediately talk it over with a sleep expert and figure out the solutions. 

Losing Hair- 

Our body continues to alert us in different ways. For example, if you are losing hair at an alarming rate, it can be because of some underlying autoimmune issues. Hair loss is also a sign of developing thyroid. Your body can only give you the sign. Once you get them, go to an expert and run the tests. Remember, this is easily preventable. 

Bleeding Gums- 

We have all been victims of flossing accidents. However, if you see blood loss from your gums on a daily basis you should not ignore them. This is because doctors point out that bleeding gums can point to any number of issues like diabetes, vitamin deficiency, cancers, and so on. Hence it is essential that you pay attention to blood post brushing and flossing. 

The Final Word

It is important to understand that early signs can help in better diagnosis and treatment. This can help in improving recovery chances and lead to a long and fulfilling life. Health and medical experts recommend that women should take out some time for themselves and develop healthy habits

Can you list some other health concerns, which women should not ignore in their everyday lives? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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