5 Health Benefits of Using Powerful Flushing Toilets


One of the things that characterize living things is excretion. Waste production is part and parcel of life-sustaining processes. Towards the end of the 16th century, Sir John Harington invented the world’s first flushable toilet to try and make the vital process of waste excretion a lot more comfortable. Since his fundamental contribution, toilets have come a long way, with modern, powerful flushing toilets able to flush large loads with as little as a gallon of water. 

The best part about modern toilets isn’t solely in their efficiency but also in the health benefits they convey. Here are five health benefits of using a powerful flushing toilet. 

1. Less Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are caused when bacteria enter the urethra. This bacterial infiltration leads to a burning sensation while urinating or an increased need to urinate without passing lots of urine. Studies reveal that women tend to suffer from UTIs more often than men because women have shorter urethras and a shorter perineum. However, whether you’re female or male, UTIs can be a significant cause of pain and discomfort, possibly resulting in you needing to visit a urologist for treatment.

The most common type of bacteria known to cause urinary tract infections include the likes of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus. A powerful flushing toilet has a higher capability of efficiently eliminating waste and therefore lowers the susceptibility of bacterial transfer. Single flash superiority means less likelihood of waste build-up and, thus, a lower bacterial build-up in the long run. This feature translates to better urinary tract health. 

2. Lower Risk of Viral Transmission

Each time you flush a toilet, tiny droplets known as aerosol get thrust into the air. These droplets vary in size and carry different microorganisms, including a variety of pathogenic viruses such as the flu virus. Looking back, during the 2003 SARS outbreak that affected 26 countries and resulted in over 8,000 confirmed cases, sewage-related bioaerosols were proposed to be the likely mode of disease transmission. 

But over time, innovations in toilet design have brought forth better and safer toilets. The advent of powerful flushing toilets coupled with hygienic flush techniques has revolutionized health standards. These modern advancements in flushing techniques couldn’t be more welcome at a time when the world faces the COVID-19 outbreak. By making use of more efficient toilets, companies can add extra safety in trying to overcome the rapid spread of the disease. 

3. Better Air Quality

Toilets tend to build up quite a stench owing to the arduous task of handling human waste. This phenomenon may be attributed to the fact that bacteria and mold spores build up over time. The vast number of bacteria and viruses in toilet bowls may prove a challenge to control and, if allowed to persist, continue to contribute to the foul smell. This issue poses a substantial risk, particularly to individuals who suffer from respiratory conditions such as asthma. 

In a hospital setting, having poor air quality as a result of poor flushing toilets could present further complications to patients. For patients in critical states, such as those in the ICU or the HDU, inhaling polluted air could trigger a decline in their already-fragile health state. By making use of modern, powerful flushing toilets, hospitals can significantly improve their indoor air quality and, therefore, aid in faster patient recovery.

4. Lower Risk of Skin Infections

The skin serves as the body’s largest organ and carries out several functions. From waste excretion to temperature regulation, the skin’s importance cannot be understated. Given the fact that air is full of microbes, perhaps the skin’s most significant function comes in shielding the body from microbial infections. 

Bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi all pose a significant threat to the skin’s health. Powerful flushing toilets with features such as open flush rims get rid of more waste per flush, lowering the build-up of potentially harmful microbes. Such toilets are also easier to clean and therefore maintain higher levels of hygiene. Cleaner toilets translate to potentially fewer skin infection cases. 

5. Fewer Stomach Bugs

On average, people spend around 3 hours on the toilet each week. Crunching the numbers, that equates to about 26 minutes per day. And it’s no secret that toilets form breeding grounds for some nasty microbes. For example, noroviruses are troublesome viruses that reside in toilet bowls and are particularly difficult to kill. Even after washing your hands, some germs may persist and cause some significant stomach upsets if ingested.

Powerful, flushing toilets provide a revolutionary level of hygiene. Efficient flushing mechanisms mean fewer bugs remain within the toilet bowl, and as such, fewer bugs get the chance to invade your hands after toilet use. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t wash your hands after using the toilet, but your chances of getting a stomach bug are lowered to an extent. 

Toilet Etiquette

While powerful flushing toilets have several health benefits, there are still a couple of toilet etiquette protocols you should observe. Remember, you’re not the only one using the toilet, so strive to leave the toilet as clean as you’d like to find it. Even if you live alone, value yourself enough by maintaining high standards of hygiene in your toilet. Additionally, if you’re a guy, have the courtesy of lifting the toilet seat and spare the ladies the nightmare of having to wipe the seat. 

This one’s the mother of all toilet rules, always flush after you’re done. There’s nothing worse than walking into a filthy toilet. A bit of toilet etiquette goes a long way in creating a decent environment for others as well as ensuring more hygienic conditions in the bathroom. 

With that said, powerful flushing toilets are a great option to incorporate into your home or business. The toilets are a great way to save on water (making them more environmentally conscious) while also lowering the health risks associated with more traditional toilets. Coupled with features such as open flush rims eliminates the need for potent cleaning agents while making the toilet easier to clean. Consider upgrading to a powerful flushing toilet and enjoy the health benefits that come with it.


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