5 Fittest Athletes On The Planet In 2020

Updated on January 16, 2022
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In the world of sport, athletes seem to have become faster, fitter, and stronger than they have ever been before. This has no doubt resulted from the improvements in equipment, nutrition, and general scientific advancements leading to improved athletic performance.

Regardless of the reasons for athletes becoming better than they have ever been before, we must look at the specimens that have now emerged. We’ve listed the top 5 athletes that are currently competing in their respective sports, and detailed what makes them so special within this quick read.

Go ahead and enjoy it!

1. Cristiano Ronaldo – Soccer

He is one of the most famous athletes on the planet right now, if not the most famous – it’s none other than Cristiano Ronaldo. Besides being an absolute goal-scoring machine, Ronaldo is a specimen of physical fitness. Besides the Herculean like body, his fitness levels combined with his speed and strength is just something that is rarely seen in sport.

He has been a beast for Manchester United, Real Madrid, and now Juventus in the Italian Serie A. Not to mention his success with Portugal in the Euro’s back in 2016, he really is one of the top athletes in 2020, and we hope he continues to play at the level he is at for many more years.

2. Amanda Nunes – UFC

When you think of fitness and strength, many people think about sports like cycling, boxing, swimming, and other sports that have quite a high demand for fitness levels. However, the UFC is a sport that is often overlooked concerning physical fitness. These athletes often endure three or more rounds where the opponent is literally looking to take their head off, but Amanda Nunes has proved to be a different case altogether.

She is currently one of the best in the UFC, and she is so physically strong and fit that she simply overpowers many of her opponents. She’s fearless and a character that has no problem in going toe to toe with another fighter, regardless of the size or speed, and she is truly an inspiration to other female athletes out there.

3. Novak Djokovic – Tennis

Some people wonder if this guy is even from the same planet as the rest of us! He’s gone for a gluten-free diet, and his training regime is something truly out of this world. The fitness that this guy shows week in and week out is simply unrivaled in tennis, and debatably, in any other sport. He is also ludicrously flexible, which is a major factor in helping him to be so quick around the court.

Besides his obvious physical attributes, the mental strength that he has is something that we have rarely seen in tennis. He has the ability to overcome enormous adversity such as when the crowd is against him, and he has come back from match point down in huge events countless times. He will go down as one of the best in this modern era, if not the best – no doubt about it.

4. Egan Bernal – Cycling

Let’s get one thing ironed out before looking into Egan Bernal – you don’t win the Tour de France without being insanely fit. He managed to achieve this feat last year in 2019, and he became the first South American rider to do so in the history of the event. This ranks him up there with other riders like Chris Froome, Jan Ulrich, and many others.

Bernal is a light guy, at least in the upper body, but his legs are absolutely monstrous. This is what gives him the power to race up those large mountains in the French Alps, and no doubt propels him towards the front of the pack in many races. We would love to know how this guy manages to do what he does day after day, but for now, we guess all the secrets will remain with Bernal!

5. Brigid Kosgei – Marathon Running

Our second female athlete on this list is Brigid Kosgei, who currently holds the record for the quickest marathon ever run by a female. She managed to run the marathon in 2 hours and 14 minutes, at her personal best. Needless to say, if you are able to run marathon races in this sort of time you are in some serious shape.

She won the gold medals for the London Marathon and the Chicago Marathon in 2019, showing that she is now ready to take on the best of the world in marathon racing. We wish her all the best in her future races and hope that she continues to raise the bar for fitness all over the world.

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