5 Extraordinary Ways Doctors Are Using Cryogenics for Fertility

Updated on May 6, 2021

As medical technology advances, doctors find new and innovative ways to utilize the existing and expanding processes available to them. One of these evolutionary elements is cryogenics.

Every day, healthcare practitioners are discovering more ways to use cryogenics in their treatments. While these sorts of medical practices have become increasingly popular for migraine treatments and chemotherapy protocols, many individuals aren’t aware of the positive role cryogenic methods play in the realm of fertility.

For example, thanks to cryogenics, not only do frozen eggs cost less than fresh donor eggs, but they now yield encouraging success rates, which are approximately equal to those found when using a fresh egg donor.

Egg donation isn’t the only reproductive treatment that’s been positively influenced by this cutting-edge science — take a look at these five exciting benefits cryogenics has brought to the world of fertility.

Cryosurgery is Being Used for Cervical Problems

When patients are dealing with cervical issues, such as abnormal (precancerous) cells or unusual cervical bleeding, cryosurgery with liquid nitrogen has become a preferred treatment option among many healthcare professionals.

In comparison to some other procedures, cervical cryosurgery is less invasive, quicker, and harbors fewer risks than alternative treatment options. In fact, most practitioners will perform cryosurgery on a person’s cervix right inside the doctor’s office.

The procedure only takes a few minutes, and you can return to your normal activities almost as soon as you leave your appointment.

Cryogenics is Improving Medical Research

Since cryogenic technology allows scientists to preserve cells and molecules better than ever before, they have better access to the materials needed for research and experimentation. This benefit helps to ensure our society can continue to improve our medical treatment options for future generations.

Sperm Are Easier to Store 

Whether a man is hoping to store his sperm for future use or an individual or couple requires donor sperm, advanced cryogenic technology has improved the quality of frozen sperm significantly. 

An innovative flash-freezing technology known as vitrification has become a game-changer in the realm of infertility treatment solutions. Compared to previous slow-freeze techniques used on collected sperm, vitrified sperm is exposed to advanced cryoprotectants which prevent ice crystal formation and deterioration.

Once you receive your frozen sperm for use, it will be in the same condition it was on the day of its original collection.

Medicinal Plants Can Be Frozen

Whether you’re taking more western or eastern approaches to your fertility treatments, many of the medications and herbs your doctor might prescribe will rely on various medicinal plants, seeds, and tissues. 

Thanks to cryogenic freezing, scientists can now freeze and store these vital elements to guarantee much-needed medications and treatment protocols are always available.

Donor Eggs Treatment Times Shorter with Vitrification

While many hopeful parents might assume fresh donor eggs are more reliable than frozen, advancements in cryogenics have proven this theory incorrect. Thanks to the same vitrification technology used to freeze and store donor sperm, donor eggs receive the flash-freezing technique required to ensure they’re kept in optimal condition. 

Since vitrification has become a more widely used option among fertility specialists, the rate of intended parents choosing a frozen donor egg cycle vs. a fresh donor egg cycle has increased dramatically.

Not only are frozen eggs a more affordable option than fresh, but they’re easier to use and come with less risk of cycle cancellation. If you decide to use frozen eggs, you’ll also have a wider pool of donor candidates to choose from.

Bonus Benefit: Cryogenics Have Made Cord Blood Banking Possible

While this bonus benefit doesn’t directly involve infertility treatment, it’s become a favored option for many new parents throughout the world.

Cryogenic therapy provides individuals with the opportunity to bank their child’s cord blood after birth. While you don’t have to accept this option if you don’t want to, the regenerative properties of cord blood can help protect your little one against diseases in the future, including:

  • Different cancers
  • Sickle-cell disease
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Osteoporosis
  • Anemia

Appreciating the Science of Cryogenic Therapy for Infertility

More scientific discoveries are taking place every day. However, when it comes to trailblazers – which have exceeded the expectations of scientists, doctors, and patients – not all of them come with the benefits found through cryogenic therapy and vitrification.

Cryotherapy could be the ideal path to take if you’re looking for ways to treat your male or female infertility. Whether it’s frozen donor eggs or cervical cryosurgeries, there are plenty of exciting options available to you and your family.

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