5 Common Injuries at Work

Updated on December 19, 2020

Accidents happen, and they are commonplace in the work environment. There are often many preventative actions and risk assessments in place. However, unfortunately, they do happen, and in 2018/19, the HSE reported 581,000 workers had a non-fatal accident at work. It is also estimated that millions of days of work are lost due to non-fatal injuries. 

There is a duty for both employers and employees to work safely. Still, some common workplace injuries happen despite best efforts. Take a look at some of the most frequent injuries to occur in the working environment. 

Same level slips and falls

You might be surprised to find out that the most common workplace injuries are slips, falls, and trips on same level surfaces. This could be from a wet floor or tripping on objects. It is often the case that negligence is the reason for these accidents as an unsafe environment or sufficient warnings are not in place. Aston Knight Solicitors in Bury deal with many accident cases such as these and highlight this type of accident can be serious, causing not just broken bones but also head injuries. 

Injury involving machinery

According to the HSE report, over 10% of serious injuries were attributed to being struck by machinery or getting caught in moving parts. To avoid this type of accident, risk assessments and adequate training should be in place to avoid risk to employees. While being struck or getting caught in machinery is a significant risk, the vibrations from machinery can also cause injury. 

Acts of aggression or violence

Surprisingly, a large number of accidents or injuries in the workplace are also caused by acts of violence, such as assaults. The sector that experiences the highest level of these incidents includes the Health and Social Care industry. Common injuries include minor bruising or black eyes. 

Falls from a height

Alongside trips and falls at the same level, accidents are also prevalent from a height. Many professionals work at height, including electricians and builders. This type of accident is, unfortunately, one of the most significant causes of workplace fatality. Many factors can contribute to injuries, including working in bad weather at height, incorrect equipment, and inadequate risk assessment or plans for emergency issues. 

Lifting heavy objects

We’re always told to lift from the knees, but unfortunately, lifting and handling injuries are a frequent cause of accidents in the workplace. Picking something up incorrectly or that is too heavy for the individual can cause strains and damage to the muscles in the back and neck. In many workplaces, if heavy equipment or goods are to be moved, employers should provide appropriate equipment to ensure the chances of injury are reduced. 

In many workplaces, risk assessment and adequate training are provided to limit the chance of injury. However, accidents can happen. Whether you’re an employer or an employee, it is vital to feel safe in the workplace and highlight any issues if there are not appropriate processes in place. 

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