4 Ways Technology Can Affect Your Health

Updated on June 23, 2021

Technology is a part of everyone’s daily lives now.  Our phones have become everything from our alarm clocks to our televisions and even our computers: yet, many of us don’t know how far we can go with technology.  It doesn’t end with smartphones and fun applications; there are real-world benefits we can glean from getting to understand technology better.

Here are four ways tech can affect your health and what that means for all of us.

Track Your Sleep and Heart Rate

Sleeping is a complicated and vital part of our daily lives, yet many people act like it’s a nuisance-they wish they could do without. So more accessories are coming out every day to help users track their sleep and see if it says anything about their health.

Fitbits were a clear start to this trend, followed by smartwatches by android and apple, and now there are even rings on the market that can track your sleeping schedule!

If you sleep poorly, it could be a sign of other medical issues, from sleep apnea to anxiety, so it’s important to keep track of what’s going on so that it can help improve your health while road tripping to look for homes for sale in Toronto.

Track Your Physical Health

Our physical health is another marker that fitbits and apple watches latched onto early.  Most of the world has become rather a sentry, with over sixty percent of people saying they sit at a desk for over seven hours a day for work.  Although doing this once isn’t so bad, making it your full schedule can be terrible for you.  Technology can help you track how much of a workout you’ve completed in a day and how much more you can take on. In addition, heart rate tracking is vital to ensure athletes push themselves without hurting themselves.  

Track Your Mental Health

Mental health may feel like a strange thing to track, but it’s important to ensure that you’re healthy.  Several applications and websites allow you to track how you’re feeling on any given day and help you figure out if there’s a reason or if there’s anything you can do to improve this mood.  Mental health tracking may talk you out of a bad deal, or it could talk you into buying homes for sale in Toronto, so there must be some sort of cataloging of it.

The General Negative Impacts

Not every inch of technology is beautiful watches and rings or sleek speakers.  Instead, Technology has countless negative impacts. For example, if you spend too much time staring at a blue-light screen, you may find your eyesight diminishing.  If you sit wrong at the computer, it could hurt your back and shoulders, or you could strain your neck, and neither is a fun way to get into the hospital.  Instead, it’s a great idea to sit up straight and rest your feet flat on the ground so that your base is well put together.

Technology isn’t all bad; if we can use it intelligently and make it work for us, we can keep our health while reaping the benefits.

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