4 Ways a Physician Call Service is a Game Changer for Your Medical Practice

Updated on May 4, 2020
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According to the CDC, more than 84% of American adults make at least one visit to a physician every year.

As the demand for health care grows steadily, medical practitioners must devise ways to remain responsive at all times. With the advent of technology, utilizing concepts such as the physician call service can be a game-changer for your practice as you stay responsive to the demand.

Are you looking to change the productivity of your practice by remaining responsive to patient-related calls even when closed for business? A physician call service can help you achieve this goal. Here are four critical benefits of a physician call service that every medical practice should consider going forward.

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Ways a Physician call service Can Help boost your practice

On a typical day, your health care facility never stops buzzing with calls as patients check-in for various medical reasons. Well, attending to patients’ needs never ends even after regular business hours.

Are you wondering whether it’s worth it to outsource your call answering service? Then these four benefits of outsourced call answering service could help you make the right decision.

Save Money

Cutting costs is every business’s ultimate wish. Hiring additional staff during weekends or after the regular working hours within your internal call center will only have a spiral effect on costs. Outsourced answering services only charge you for the time used, making or receiving calls.

With an outsourced physician call service, you don’t need to hire a receptionist and a call center agent. The answering service acts as the sole point of contact, which cuts on labor and liability costs.

Full-time Responsiveness

Your patients need to know that you can be accessible at any time of day. Ordinarily, outsourced hospital answering service agents may not provide qualified medical advice. However, they can confirm appointments on your behalf, give specific information about the service you offer or reassure the callers.

For most patients, such responsiveness can go a long way in proving your reliability.

Relay Urgent Message to Doctors in Real-Time

Sometimes incoming calls can be urgent or a matter of emergency. Without a reliable outsourced answering service, such calls may go unanswered. But trained call center professionals can evaluate such calls based on urgency and relay such information to doctors in real-time.

Your medical staff can then reply to patients on a need-based approach.

Reduce Waiting Time

Once you contact the best medical answering service provider to be part of your team, call holding time will be a thing of the past. It’s enough to have an underlying medical health concern. You don’t want to subject your clients to unnecessary wait time when they contact you.

Outsourced medical call answer service is bound to increase patient satisfaction. This is possible by reducing such unnecessary call holding.

It May Be Time to Consider Physician Call Service

Times have changed. More healthcare providers are opting for telehealth technology to support operations. Responding to patients’ needs beyond the official working hours can be a hassle for you. This is especially considering the costs and input needed.

But with outsourced physician call service, you can now enhance productivity by being responsive to your patients.

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