4 Tips for Marketing Medical Devices

Updated on November 10, 2022

When you are tasked with marketing medical devices it is always worth remembering that the use of outsourcing through the use of contract manufacturing is one of the viable solutions that can give you a competitive edge.

This is one of a number of useful tips that are well worth bearing in mind when adopting the sort of medical device marketing approach that will deliver results.

It is important to do your homework

A particularly distinctive aspect of marketing medical devices is the fact that it can be quite a convoluted path to finally get yourself in front of the person who can make the buying decision.

You will encounter a number of different layers of bureaucracy and procurement procedures that need to be negotiated on your way to reaching the decision-maker who has the ability to say yes.

Be prepared to talk with administrators and procurement specialists on your journey to a successful sale. Prepare your marketing approach to deal with this scenario.

Technical knowledge is often imperative

Selling medical devices will mean that you are trying to convince people who are highly-educated and knowledgeable engineers and scientists.

They will often expect you to be able to answer complex technical questions about the products you are selling.

It often pays to do your homework so that you can do your best in being able to impart technical details that will convince your audience that you know what you are talking about and improve your prospects of securing a sale.

Recognize the need to break the status quo

Unless you are marketing a groundbreaking new piece of medical equipment that has no rival you should be willing to recognize that your best approach would be to try and target early adopters.

Surgeons and physicians can often have an in-built resistance to change, especially if the equipment they are using is doing the job reliably.

What you need in that scenario is to be able to try to find the people who are open to the idea of trying something different and new, if it has the ability to deliver a better outcome for the patient.

This is where third-party recommendations and testimonials can prove very useful in opening more doors.

Keep up to date with rules and regulations

It should go without saying that the medical profession has its fair share of rules and regulations that you have to comply with.

You not only need to keep abreast of any changes that could affect what you are selling but it often pays to adopt a more patient approach to selling. It can take a bit of time to clear a variety of regulatory and administrative hurdles so the rewards may not be instant when you are selling marketing devices.

The medical device industry is an exciting arena with lots of amazing marketing opportunities. You just need to know what you are talking about and who to speak to.

If you are tasked with selling medical devices it will help greatly if you are aware of the typical rules of engagement.

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