4 Stressors That May Set the Stage of Alcoholism

Updated on March 13, 2024

There are all kinds of things that might cause a person to become an alcoholic. For many people, though, that stage arrives if they are dealing with stressors. These stressors can act as triggers. Once someone learns to cope with them by ingesting alcohol, they have often started on the road toward abuse or addiction.

If you are grappling with alcoholism and live in this part of the country, an Arkansas detox center might be a suitable solution for you. Many of these are prestigious entities where you can find the attention and get the treatment you need.

You should also know about some of the most likely stressors that can set the stage for alcoholism, though. We will talk about four of them right now.

Family Drama

There are all kinds of versions of family conflict that can cause alcoholism. Maybe you’re in a relationship with a partner or spouse, and the two of you can’t seem to stop fighting. If you get to the point where you can’t communicate calmly, and you’re yelling at each other all the time, having a drink to cope with that might seem like a tempting option.

You may also have issues with a sibling, child, cousin, parent, or someone else in your family. No matter who it is that you’re having disagreements with, learning to deal with that by drinking can easily become a problem.

Workplace Drama

Maybe you have a high-stress job, and that is one of the reasons why you drink. Some kinds of work inherently come with a lot of stress. Maybe you don’t like your job very much, or you feel a great deal of pressure to produce. If you’re in sales, for instance, and you have to meet constant quotas to keep your job, it makes sense that you might start drinking every evening when you get off work.

If things get bad enough, sneaking off and having a drink when you’re working could even happen. Usually, this is a sign that you are rapidly descending into alcoholism.

Financial Woes

You may have stress related to your finances. Perhaps you don’t have enough money for everything that you want. You may even get to a point where you’re struggling to pay the rent, pay your bills, or purchase enough healthy food for yourself and your family.

Purchasing alcohol with your money certainly won’t help, but you can also drown out the pain of not being in the financial position you want through drinking. This becomes a vicious cycle that is difficult to escape.

Existential Dread

Some people report feeling existential dread and drinking alcohol to cope with that. Often, these individuals are worried about issues they think are too large for them to ever change 

They may be worried about politics, global warming, and other considerations that seem enormous in terms of scope. If you’re concerned about such things, but you can’t seem to make yourself stop thinking about them, it’s not surprising if you start drinking.  

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