4 Reasons You May Want to Invest in Synthetic Urine

Updated on February 3, 2019
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Synthetic urine, as the name suggests is urine manufactured in a laboratory to resemble actual human urine. It contains water mixed with inorganic and organic compounds like phosphates, chlorides, sulphates, uric acid and creatinine among others.

Synthetic urine does not contain human waste present during excretion. It is hygienic and can be used safely for various tests and activities. Here are 4 reasons that you may want to buy this type of urine. You can find quality synthetic urine from this site quickfixsynthetic.com.

Substitute for Drug Tests

If you are a drug user and want to pass a drug test, then this is the solution for you. That is if you are lucky to have your urine get tested unsupervised. Synthetic urine is a full proof way of passing any drug test since it is nearly impossible to detect the difference, not unless you are unlucky enough to find a keen individual. One may ask why go to the lengths of buying urine instead of simply collecting a sample from a friend you consider clean. While this might seem like a viable option, your friend might not be very clean and there might be a mismatch in temperature. With synthetic urine, you do not run the risk of any impurities and you can always alter the temperature yourself.

For Scientific Experiments and Pest Repellant

Individuals researchers and institutions can buy this urine to carry out scientific experiments. Scientists can use this product to carry out urine tests without exposing themselves to pathogens that may be present in real human urine. It is also ideal for practicing medical students to use the same during their experiments. The urine is also used for calibration of lab machines, and by diapers, companies to test the effectiveness of their diapers as well as companies that manufacture cleaning agents. It’s good to note that there is synthetic urine that resembles human urine, and there is another that mirror that of animals. You can use the latter in your garden as it helps keep pests at bay.

Cosmetology and Beauty

There is a belief in the beauty industry that urine helps in removing acne and killing off harmful bacteria on the skin. For those who have the guts to wash their faces with urine to get that flawless and glowing skin, then this is the product for you. Instead of struggling to collect your own which might be contaminated in one way or another, you can simply buy this product and have as much as you can. Do not run the risk of infecting yourself while using real human urine.

Use for Fun and Games

Do you want to prank your friends or your spouse? Then this is the product to use. If you want to have them believe that they have peed on themselves, then you can use this urine since it is hygienic. If you are among those couples that have sexual fetishes that requires you to use urine, avoid using your human excretion as it can lead to serious infections. Use instead this product for any game you may have in mind.

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