4 Reasons To Use Medical Freight Forwarding Services

Updated on July 12, 2020
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International shipping is a rather complicated and daunting task in itself. When medical equipment is in question, everything seems to be even more complex. Picture your healthcare business trying to send, say, a hospital bed to another country. You will probably get all confused about both the rules and regulations and the overall method of doing this. Should you give it all up, then?

You definitely shouldn’t give this up, especially not in the times when there is such a huge need for medical equipment and supplies all around the world. Deciding not to engage in shipping those supplies and the equipment internationally would be a wrong decision not only for you and your business, but for the country in need as well.

After all, why would you give this up when there is a simple solution to all the troubles you are having regarding the shipments? Why would you decide to step out of the whole game and miss out on the opportunity to help someone in the process when there is a simple way to actually stay in the game without having to worry about logistics? 

As so neatly explained on this website, all you need to do is find yourself a freight forwarder and let them take care of everything else.

Who Are These Services For?

Pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, clinics, healthcare organizations and many other institutions and businesses are using these services to make their shipping tasks much easier. If you still aren’t one of those, I suggest you start thinking about what’s stopping you from using the services that can facilitate the whole shipping process so much, while making sure that your businesses and organizations run smoothly. The popularity of these services keeps increasing and there are good reasons for that.

There are those types of people who rely only on themselves and believe that they can do everything better than anyone else. Those are usually the same people whose businesses tend to fail in the first months. Business is all about cooperating with other people and if you cannot grasp that idea, then you might want to reconsider your decision to run any organization.

Cooperation is even more important when the healthcare system is in question. Your ability to communicate and work together with other businesses is what makes a huge difference between a properly and a poorly functioning healthcare system. The only question is which side you want to be on – the side that takes the win by being able to cooperate with freight forwarders and similar companies, or the side that loses by refusing to work together with these experts?

I understand that you don’t want to use any services whatsoever before you see what it is that those services can do for you and your organization. That’s why I will give you a couple of good reasons why you should think about partnering up with a freight forwarder of your choice and start shipping medical cargo with their help. Freight forwarding services are for all the businesses and organizations who want to be able to ship internationally without having any issues and you can read below to find out why those organizations are opting for these services.

Before we go any further, I want you to understand the importance of these services, especially in our current situation: https://www.forbes.com/sites/wadeshepard/2020/03/31/the-frontlines-of-covid-19-logistics-firms-go-all-in-to-transport-life-saving-medical-equipment/#59a16f28b3ad

The Process Is Much Easier

If you were to send all the equipment on your somehow, you would quickly find out that the whole process is much more complicated than you initially thought. There is so much paperwork and so many rules and regulations that you need to follow. Frankly, doing it all alone can only lead to you getting stressed out and frustrated, without even accomplishing anything. You cannot even begin to grasp the complexities of international shipping.

Do you know who can grasp that successfully and who can take care of everything without causing you any stress or frustration? If you guessed “freight forwarders”, then you are finally getting the hang of it. The whole shipping and exporting process will be much easier if you partner up with a freight forwarder and let the experts do their thing. These people are skilled and experienced enough in the area of export, so you will be able to rest assured that everything will run as smoothly as possible.

It Takes Less Time

Not only will you be able to save some valuable time by not having to deal with customs and things like that on your own, but freight forwarders will succeed to make the whole shipment process much quicker. That means that the medical supplies and the equipment you are sending will arrive at the targeted destination much faster, which is definitely a huge deal. While some other types of goods might not be required urgently, medical goods are always best to arrive rather sooner than later.

Packaging Regulations Are Followed

I don’t know if you were aware of this or not, but there is the right way and then there are the wrong ways to prepare medical equipment for shipping. Even though you are from the world of healthcare, you might miss certain regulations that you need to follow when sending these supplies abroad. Not taking those regulations into account will only lead to your shipment process being delayed and we have already explained how invaluable time is in these situations.

When you partner up with a freight forwarding company, you can rest assured that they will be up to speed with all the regulations and the rules that need to be followed in order for the packages to be sent successfully and to arrive safely. These professionals deal with packages for a living, which means that they will definitely know what to do when any type of supplies or equipment is in question. That will reduce your chances of making a mistake to a minimum leading to the goods arriving on time and without any annoying and potentially harmful delays.

You Might Save Money

If you are doing things on your own, you will probably try to find the best deal in order to pay as small a price as possible for your shipment to be delivered. I’ve got some news for you. The best price you find is usually never the best price you can get. In fact, you’ll never be able to get the best deal on your own.

Freight forwarders already have established relationships with the customs and the carriers. That means that these professionals will be able to negotiate the charges and actually get you an amazing deal that you could have only dreamed of previously. If that’s not a good enough reason to use these services, then I don’t know what is.

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