4 Methods To Develop Team Connections While Working Remotely

Updated on May 16, 2023
collaborative team

Working remotely and never going into the office makes forming meaningful coworker relationships a tough but not impossible task. Despite never seeing your coworkers physically, it’s still possible to ignite connections. Read about the methods to develop team connections while working remotely to enhance your virtual work environment!

Implement Light-Hearted Group Chats

When working remotely, you can’t walk up to your coworker’s desk and show them a picture you took of your adorable dog or the video you took while exploring Greece. That’s where light-hearted group chats are helpful!

There are various group chat topics to spark fun conversations among coworkers! Some different chat topics include the following:

  • Weekend recaps
  • Virtual book club
  • All about pets
  • Incredible recipes to try
  • The gaming channel

Some chats will have more activity than others. Try pushing yourself to stay active in the channels that interest you the most. You’ll end up learning about your coworkers’ families, hobbies, and lifestyles as they get to know you!

Get Deeper Than Surface-Level Conversations

On the flip side of fun conversations, meaningful topics delve into who people are at their cores. Becoming best friends with coworkers isn’t a job requirement. Nevertheless, fully understanding your coworkers’ personalities can help build good team dynamics and accomplish work efficiently.

It’s therapeutic to communicate with people who understand what you’re going through. However, remote work can take away the organic environment of communication in offices. To recreate that conducive space, schedule calls once or twice a month that focus on various meaningful topics.

Discuss current challenges at work, everyday struggles, and how everyone is overcoming those challenges. Before you know it, you and your coworkers will be connecting on another level than before. When you build those relationships, the team is more likely to communicate efficiently and work together better.

Schedule Monthly Virtual Brainstorming Sessions

Bouncing ideas around with peers can spark creativity. Every company needs new ideas to improve various areas of work. Whether coming up with new ways to arrange the website, brainstorming topics for a newsletter, or establishing a more functional way to solve calculations, team input is great. Brainstorming sessions also allow the team to feel like their ideas are heard, encouraging discussion and fresh ideas at the next monthly meeting.

Arrange Short Check-In Meetings Each Week

Everyone likes feeling valued and appreciated, and investing in your coworkers is one way to build a high-performance team culture. Sometimes, brief check-in calls to see how everyone is will make a positive impact on their moods for the day.

The goal of these calls is to listen to everyone. Hear what they have to say and what troubles they’re facing. Afterward, if a coworker asks for additional advice, formulate some ideas for assistance. You’re on a team, so your coworkers’ success is your success too.

Hopefully, these methods to develop team connections while working remotely inspired some unique ideas of your own. As you gradually implement more team-based activities, you’re on your way to building a close-knit team and forming genuine connections while working remotely.