4 Types of Equipment That Can Offer A More Complete Workout At Home

Updated on October 9, 2022

Having to work out at home is a fun and convenient thing to do. You don’t have to bring the heavy gym bag that you use before and after you work out. Not to mention that you need to bring your huge towel so you could shower after a sweaty session at the gym. It’s also tiring to travel back and forth to the gym especially when you’ve had a rough day. If your gym is far away from your home and you don’t have the luxury of time to travel back and forth, having a gym at home will save you some time and effort.

To complete your in-home gym experience, you should have the right equipment to keep you fit and healthy. If you have limited space, you might not be able to have every gym equipment that’s available at your local gym. What you need is equipment that has multiple workout capabilities. There is a ton of CrossFit equipment for home gym that you could use. They’re usually multi-purpose so, it could help you save space.  

Listed below is the equipment that can offer a more complete workout at home: 

Home Gym 

Believe it or not, home gym equipment can include multiple exercises that cover the entire body. If you want compact equipment that can help you lose weight and be physically healthy, this can do the trick without consuming too much of your gym space.  

The home gym is equipped with chin-ups, pulleys, and weights along with other cardio exercises such as ab exercises. This is a lot safer, too, compared to free-weight. This allows you to have safer gym exercise at home. What’s amazing about this equipment is that it’s capable of handling both strength and cardio workouts so it can be used by anyone in the family without having to spend a ton making it a piece of essential fitness equipment for home gym.  

Some multi-use home gym equipment is foldable, making it more compact and space-saving for those with limited space. You could easily lift the bench area upwards and you can continue to do your floor workouts and yoga without requiring additional space. For this, an adjustable weight bench will come in handy so that you can make the most out of your spaces at home.

It doesn’t have to break the bank either, especially when you compare to the annual cost of a gym membership. This post on the best home gym under $500 lists some great options.

Suspension Trainers 

Who could’ve thought that these bands are capable of handling 10 different exercises for a total body workout? Having your suspension trainers at home will be beneficial for your home gym as it doesn’t require huge space. You can simply install it over the door, ceiling, beam, weight rack, or railing. As long as you place it somewhere sturdy and allow yourself enough space to move around, you’re good to go.  

You could do a pistol squat, single leg lunge, squat to high row, pushup, running man, bridge, hamstring curl, pike, reverse ab curl, and sit-up-to-curl exercises with just a piece of single equipment to your home. You’ll be able to have the complete workout that you need without having to spend a ton on gym equipment.  

Stability Ball 

You might be familiar with the stability ball since they’re probably useful in most cardio workouts. The possibilities with this exercise ball are near endless and it helps provide a ton of great workout exercises and yoga poses. This will help you improve your balance, flexibility, back and spine health, and lose weight.  

With the stability ball, you can do different exercises such as jackknife, hamstring curl, dead bug, stability ball v-pass, decline to push up, wall squat, Russian twist, single-leg stability ball hip thrust, IYT shoulder rise, stability ball rollout, and more. 

When using a stability ball, make sure that it’s inflated well. Not too soft and not too hard so you’ll be able to maximize the amazing benefits it can provide to your body.  

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Ab Rocker 

An ab rocker is a home gym equipment that doesn’t require huge space in your home gym. While this is completely easy to use, there are a lot of exercises that you could do with this equipment.  

With the ab rocker, you could do traditional crunches, knee lifts, side crunches, full-body crunches, and cycling. That’ll help you have the perfect abs that you have always dreamed of. What’s amazing about this is that it’s compacted in size and you can easily store this when not in use.  


Having your home gym sounds like a fantastic idea especially if you have the right gym equipment that you could use to get the perfect workout. You’ll be able to work out from home perfectly without a breeze. While you want to get the most out of your small gym space, you’re only limited to a few types of equipment that can handle different workout routines.  

Gym equipment allows you to have multiple exercises that could help to get a full-body workout. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on gym equipment when you could have a single machine that does a great job for your whole body.

Ultimately, most of these kinds of equipment only focus on cardio workouts and it is very important to keep this in mind when choosing a home gym equipment that suits your needs.

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