4 Best Uses of Athletic Kinesiology Tape


You have possibly watched a very competitive volleyball match or a cycle race and noticed colorful strips of tape put in a patterned form across an athlete’s backs, shoulders, abs, and knees. These are called kinesiology tape used by sports professionals, which have therapeutic properties to alleviate pain, provide support, boost performance, and cut back on swelling, provided the tape is applied on strategic parts of the body. 


According to an article published on https://www.forbes.com, the Women’s Sports Foundation or WSF collaborated with kinesiology tape for the FIFA Women’s World Cup in the year 2019. Therefore, the tape has its uses. Here are four best uses of the same: 

1. Providing support to weak parts of the body 

When it comes to kinesiology tape, the product is used to provide additional support to human joints and muscles that are weak. For instance, if an athlete has Achilles tendonitis, patellofemoral stress syndrome, or for that matter IT band friction syndrome, KT taping is the best option for sportspeople. 

KT tape unlike ordinary athletic or medical tape, help you to move in a normal way and some studies indicate that the product improves mobility and patience in athletes. A couple of research has proved that when athletes use kinesiology tape and apply the same on their stressed muscles, their performance gets betters. 

2. Helps in treating injuries 

Did you know that physical therapists use athletic kinesiology tape as part of a complete treatment plan for individuals who are injured? Based on the findings of the American Physical Therapy Association, it was discovered that this taping is the most effectual when coupled with other forms of treatment such as physical therapy. 

The experts in the industry cite that kinesiology tape helps in assuaging pain, inflammation, or swelling. Then, patients can get the best results when they opt for physical therapy or exercise. 

3. Re-trains your muscles 

As far as kinesiology tape is concerned, it could help in re-training weak or stressed muscles losing function or those muscles, which have gotten to an unhealthful way of activities. Let us explain this point with the help of a suitable example. 

Say, for instance, kinesiology taping could be used to rectify your neck and head posture. Besides, according to a 2017 study, kinesiology tape helps cardiovascular patients, especially people who suffered a stroke, improving their way of walking. 

According to physical therapists, they believe, it might be due to experiencing an odd feeling of the tape on your skin, making people more conscious of the way they are moving or walking. 

4. Improves athletic performance 

Many athletes use this tape so that they can perform exceptionally as well as protect themselves against injuries while they are participating in special sporting activities such as bike racing or volleyball. Many runners use kinesiology tape each time they participate in a marathon. According to experts, the tape is frequently placed down the length of the gluteus muscle to activate the muscle and reminding it to keep performing.  


Kinesiology tape offers support, alleviates pain, boosts circulation, and improves the way muscles and joints work and function. However, always consult with a physical therapist before using the tape.

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  1. My sister wants to invite me to play frisbee with her friends. I’m not sure I’m physically ready for it to be honest so it’s good to know that kinesiology tapes can help in supporting weak joints and muscles so you can move with ease.v I think I might use that when we play and I wonder if there is a zero-waste variety of those. I like to be environmentally aware while doing recreation too.

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