3 Ways For Teachers To Make Their Students Love Online Classes

Updated on October 28, 2020

Thanks to the pandemic that is prevailing all across the globe, every individual was forced indoors. From corporates to schools, every institution shifted from traditional methods to the digital world overnight, thus giving rise to several challenges.  

It was anyway a task to keep the students attentive and motivated in traditional classrooms. Online classes only add to the pressure for teachers to resolve this issue and ensure the students are not resenting this digital transformation.  

To tackle this situation, many educators figured out innovative ways to make students engage and enjoy the course material that is being offered to them. One of the best ways that require minimal effort from teachers, yet keep the student engrossed in learning is by making use of a training software such as a learning management system. 

An LMS makes it easier for you to create relevant course material for your students while offering additional elements such as gamification tools. The gamification feature of an LMS which includes reward points, badges, and leaderboards nurtures the competitive nature if students, keeping them motivated. 

In this article, read about more ways and digital tools that make the lives of teachers and educators easier by making their students fall in love with the online classes. 

Innovative ways that teachers can try to make their students enjoy online classes 

  • Choose the right tool 

First and foremost is to make sure you invest in a tool that aligns with your objectives and the course of action that you plan on following. To ensure that you are exploring in the right direction and choosing the right tool, it is best to identify the goals, budget, and features that you require well in advance. 

This helps in comparing various vendors that are available in the market much easier. For instance, when you compare Absorb LMS with Tovuti LMS, you can learn about which one of these two offers you a free trial to avoid any regrets in the future or which one of these has more gamification tools as compared to the other. 

Apart from an LMS, there are several other tools that you should consider using when taking online classes. For instance, it is better when the classes are being taken face-to-face as it will help you learn about the body language and facial expressions of your students. 

  • Make sure to record your lessons

Make sure you record all your classroom sessions. There are plenty of benefits that these recorded lessons bring with them. The most common one being that the students who were unable to attend your session will not miss out on the important lessons. It is understood that this is not an ideal solution, however, your students would at least be able to catch up with the rest of his classmates by viewing the recording in his own time. 

Apart from that, your students can also go through the recordings again as their revision sessions when they need a recap of a few specific topics only. Also, you can use these recordings to be your own critique and make changes to your approach as and when needed. 

  • Encourage student participation 

One thing that will help your students feel a part of the classes they are attending is when they are able to contribute. Hence, it is often suggested to initiate and encourage discussions in the classroom on various topics which increases the participation by students, thus encouraging them to be attentive during the sessions. 

You can encourage the participation of your students by assigning them proper reading materials, pop-quizzes, offering an open forum for discussions, or by monitoring the progress of each of your students and offering them the right course of action. 


While making sure your students are encouraged to attend online classes may seem a little difficult for many, it is certainly not impossible. There are several innovative ways that can be seen today that make the lives of teachers much easier than before. For example, investing in the right digital tool such an LMS is perhaps what makes it convenient for both students and teachers to be a part of the digital classroom. 

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