3 Reasons Why Doctors Are Now Choosing Telemedicine to See Patients

Updated on December 12, 2020

The world is fast-changing, and more and more healthcare professionals are moving away from traditional ways of seeing patients. In recent months, we have seen a rapid increase of telehealth services to patients

This sector is now delivering healthcare and practice medicine in entirely new ways. Recent statistics have shown that over half of US hospitals use telemedicine. Another survey found that 90% of healthcare executives have already begun using a telemedicine program in their organizations.

Telemedicine allows medical practitioners to use technology to diagnose and administer treatment to patients. Now appointments can be done remotely, saving practitioners and patients time and contagion concerns. 

The novel coronavirus outbreak is why developing sustainable health care services is not an option, but a necessity. The pandemic has pushed healthcare professionals to look for innovative ways to connect with their patients. 

Today, platforms such as Facetime and Skype have become significant ways to stay in touch with physicians. 

Here are some of the reasons why doctors are using telemedicine in their organizations:

Time, Money, Comfort & Convenience

Okay, this isn’t just one reason — here are some major reasons why patients and doctors love telemedicine!

You know the effort it takes to loading into your vehicle, going through protocol checks at your physician’s office, and waiting in the queue behind other patients before getting the attention you need. 

Traditional patient-doctor meetings are costly and time-consuming. The use of telemedicine is half the total price compared to a doctor’s visit. 

Telemedicine also provides near-immediate relief, because you can receive your prescription electronically. You can also often setup a same-day consultation. Some patients also feel more they have more privacy, or enjoy being in the comfort of their own home when speaking to their doctors via technology. 

Lowered Risk

Doctors are themselves dealing with several patients and even though they take all the protection, you can never be too sure when it comes to the virus. This is why the Top Doctor in Dubai has become sought after by international audiences. Telemedicine allows you to take services from the best doctors no matter wherever they are located. This is licensed, official and completely legal. You do not have to worry of getting into any issues with the authorities. 

Today, the Coronavirus is ravaging nations and bringing every sector of the economy to its knees. What’s so shocking about this disease is how quickly it spreads.

Many doctors recommend their patients stay home and utilize telemedicine during these dangerous times.Telemedicine reduces the risk of contracting contagious diseases from other patients in the office.

Imagine one of your children is feeling unwell. Let’s say you have no choice but to take them to see a doctor in-person, but one of the other sick patients has a contagious disease. In an attempt to cure your child, instead your whole family contracts a new contagious illness that puts you out for weeks! 

You can avoid similar catastrophes with telemedicine. A physician’s office visit is certainly riskier than receiving a medical diagnosis electronically. 

Opportunities for Professional Collaboration

Telemedicine offers a platform where medical professionals can meet. It is also possible for a patient to connect with more than just a single professional for determining diagnosis and treatment. 

In some cases, it is better that one doctor relay your health history to a new doctor, to ensure you are getting the best treatment possible. In places where medical practitioners and patients are far apart, telemedicine can be the best option. 

Nowadays, medical records can be transferred electronically, including x-ray images and other data. This fast information transfer allows the medical professionals quickly and effectively discuss a patient’s condition, diagnosis, and treatment. 

In conclusion, telemedicine has made it easier for medical professionals to help and follow up with their patients. They can check on the patient’s progress without the patient traveling to the facility. 

Telehealth offers dozens of benefits, including speed, savings, and safety, and have allowed many physicians to be more effective in their work. 

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