3 Reasons to Why the Ghostbed and Purple Mattresses Are Super Popular

Updated on January 29, 2020

We should all know the importance of a good night’s sleep. Sleep deprivation leads to many illnesses like poor cardiovascular health, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and even strokes. Most medical practitioners say that if not getting sleep for a consecutive ten to eleven days could result in death, just four consecutive days without sleep could cause you to hallucinate. By now, we should have a good idea of how important sleep is. Some key benefits of good sleep include improved cardiovascular health, reduced stress and depression, enhanced alertness during the day, and improved memory. We all know that spring mattresses have always failed in providing a good night’s sleep, so let’s take a look at some reasons why the Ghostbed and Purple mattresses are so popular. After reading the article, it’s your choice as to which one you prefer to purchase, the ghostbed or Purple Mattress.

1. Great for Couples

The Purple Mattress, in particular, is perfect for couples. This is because moving or turning on the bed produces absolutely no noise at all. Furthermore, you can both get the sleep you want without having to worry about disturbing one another. Another great feature about this bed is that it’s exceptionally comfortable and the material immediately conforms to your body so you can rest your whole body on the mattress comfortably.Moreover, if you experience back pain or you prefer to sleep on your side, then the Purple Mattress is excellent at relieving pressure and providing painless sleep. The Ghostbed, on the other hand, is similar to the purple bed in terms of noise while being bouncy and supportive simultaneously.

2. Durable & Affordable

When purchasing a mattress, you should always make sure that it is durable because durability will ensure that you won’t need to purchase the mattress over and over which could pinch your pocket. Despite the Ghostbed being thicker than the Purple Mattress, they both are durable and will last for about a good six to seven years. This is not bad at all. At least for that span of time, you won’t have any trouble sleeping or spending money on pills to help you get the restful sleep you require. One thing to keep in mind is that Ghostbed is more affordable than the Purple Mattress, so if you’re looking to save a few hundred dollars, then the Ghostbed is for you.

3. Everyone Can Sleep Comfortable

Spring mattresses are always a nuisance to sleep on, especially for those who are of average weight, because the springs eventually lose their flexibility and thus tend to sag. Therefore the lifespan of such mattresses is cut short. Mattresses like the Ghostbed and the Purple Mattress are perfect for people who are of light or average weight because they provide support to the body, instead of compressing like the springs of a spring mattress would do. Furthermore, unlike the traditional mattress, the Purple Mattress, in particular, provides a constant airflow that keeps the surface of the mattress cool at all times. This means that it’s perfect for hotsleepers.

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