3 Methods to Gain thousands of free followers on Instagram

Updated on August 27, 2023

Adding followers to any social network is one thing. Another story is connecting with fans in a niche that is more likely to buy you what you sell.

Instagram has become one of the most important sales channels for e-commerce and healthcare businesses. The user base, the attractiveness, and the visuals of the platform, combined with the excessive closeness and interaction that users show with the content, make it the perfect place to show all the Lifestyles of your brand and to be able to sell. In fact, on Instagram, people interact at least 30% more than on Facebook or Twitter. So, how to get free followers for Instagram is the most important.

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In this post you will learn:

  • How to earn more followers on Instagram 
  • How to ‘steal’ followers from your competitors
  • A great app that can help you get free Instagram followers and likes

How to earn more followers on Instagram

First of all, make it clear which followers you will focus on. Because you don’t want to waste time targeting people who don’t care, aren’t relevant, or simply won’t buy what you sell.

Be clear about who you are chasing. What do you like? He does not like? What kind of photos do they upload? What hashtags do you use? Where they are located? What accounts do they follow? Answer those questions and we will adjust the strategy accordingly. However, do not stress yourself to have a good engagement as you will definitely get Instagram likes app or any other ways to reach your target goal.

Finding your clients

Here, you have to work with logic and ask questions. The best thing is to psychopath your client or ask them the questions directly. If you are shy …

Let’s say you have a blog on Vegan Food. Or maybe you sell Vegan Food. So, who would want to follow your blog or buy your vegan food?

Think of one person … Juanito! That compadre you realized was more hippie and went vegan. He would actually follow your blog or buy you that soy fajita you sell.

OK, you’re Juanito. How is a normal Juanito day? Who do you hang out with, what pages do you visit, what music do you like? What food do you like? Where is it moving?

Juanito is becoming a super hipster; he cares about ecology, so he became vegan. He is an architect who likes to create, compose works, create spaces, consume local products, and visit architecture and healthy food websites. Juanito will probably join other guys like him.

And obviously, he has Instagram; his friends probably do too. And just like Juanito, you will realize that there is a very similar set. How do we get to them? Let’s find Juanito on Instagram! Oh, you have an account! And look … it has Followers and Followers. If we see his followers, will we find his friends? Probably yes. Who is he following? To some brands that represent it … Eh … this gets very interesting; psychopating is entertaining. Look! Juanito uploads photos of his food and uses hashtags like #Crudivegano #Vegan and other hipsterias.

You also noticed that Juanito was following @SimpleyVano, a vegan blogger with 16,000 followers, and that there are thousands of Juanitos and Pepitos talking in #Hashtags about the same thing.

Boom! These compadres are your prey.

How to ‘steal’ followers from your competitors

Your competitors have already sweated it and risked their lives to get loyal followers. Let them continue to do the hard part. Now is when we can take advantage of its traction, and simply capture its faithful followers, to show them something better … We! The probability of following these people, and that they follow you back, is potentially high, especially if you are related.

How to find the competition?

Surely you have some Instagram accounts in mind when you think about your competition, related accounts or references. Once you found those popular accounts, follow them and we’ll proceed to engage your followers. You will easily reach other similar accounts. With which you identify between 5 and 20 better.

Yeah but … how do I steal followers?

The answer is simple … You just have to “jack”, “flatter”, “polole” or “flirt” to the followers. You can do this.

  • Following the user
  • Like your photos
  • Commenting on their photos
  • Sending them an Inbox
  • Follow, Like, Comment – Repeat the Mantra

But I know what you are thinking … I am not willing (really yes) to do this all day. Also, doing it through Instagram is shit because it takes too long. But friends, I have a potato for you that you will love.

A great app that can help you to get free Instagram followers and likes

GetInsta– It is the wonder that does all this. It is a service that allows you to get free Instagram followers and likes.

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The most important thing is the followers are real. 

Here are key features of this GetInsta

Main features: 

– 100% safe and clean, no virus

– Compatible with Android system, iOS devices and Win system

– Totally and unlimited free

– No password, no survey, no risk

– 100% real and active users, high-quality free followers and likes

– Instant and reasonable delivery, changes will be seen in 24 hours

– Support 16 multi-languages

This tool is very powerful, and I have been close to being closed by Instagram, the first time I connected the application with my account, Instagram automatically blocked it and forced me to change the password. I decided to risk everything and continue … And it started to work wonderfully. Make sure to start in “Slow”, this limits the amount of likes and follows. After a couple of days you can move to “Normal” or “Fast”.

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