3 key tips to keep in mind while buying furniture for cafes

Updated on March 17, 2019

Yes, we understand that starting a new cafe is a hectic job. You are in all probability torn between the various available selections for the staff, menus and the suppliers. There are so many inspections to complete before you can even start your business. 

With this ever-growing list of “to-do” things it is easy to lose track of one of the most important things for a cafe or an eatery. Even with the variable logistics, you need to plan for the right furniture for the place

Your cafe’s design is significant along with the interior décor. The interiors and the atmosphere along with the ambiance are what will keep the customers coming in by the dozens. It is what makes the first impression with the consumers. The coffee comes later; you need to make your customers sit comfortably before anything.

For all your cafe furniture related queries and a comprehensive catalogue, you can visit Cafe Solutions in Sydney. In the following article, we present to you 3 key tips to help you decide on your furniture.

Your design, your theme

The design of the cafe needs to be consistent. If done otherwise, your customers will remain confused about the brand and your ideas. You must offer your cafe and the services in a unique presentation. Your furniture should be consistent with the theme for the place which will help you in attracting a larger client base. 

You might be running low on ideas for interior designs. You can go for neutral colours or a few accent colours for the interior décor as well as the furniture you are choosing.  It will turn your venture into a proper brand which can be easily identifiable and distinguishable.

Comfortable sitting

This one is a no brainer. You need to have comfortable chairs and tables so that customers can enjoy their cup of coffee or food with ease. The comfort of the customer should be the measure of the average amount of time they will spend at the cafe. If your place is a busy takeout site, then plastic chairs and tables are a great idea but if you are more of an up-market cafe you need upholstered furniture to make the experience a unique one.

Additionally, you also need to maximize the floor space to accommodate as many customers as possible. But too many booths and tables can cramp up the available real estate. Families appreciate more room, whereas couples might want to have a cosy corner. You have to make sure your cafe caters to the entire clientele to make your venture a success.

Maintenance and durability

Cheaper furniture is easy on the pocket. You can use the saving in other areas of the business. But what if your cheap furniture makes you visit the furniture store regularly? Commercial furniture is different than residential furniture with respect to easy maintenance and higher durability.  

You need to bear the cost for the upkeep and the maintenance of the furniture as well. Upholstered cushions look pretty, but you have to invest in the dry cleaning. You can go for vinyl upholstery which will ensure that you don’t have to clean them regularly. Tabletops that are heat, stain and scratch resistant are also a great idea. 

Well, that concludes our list of tips that you must follow while purchasing furniture for your cafe. We hope this makes your life easier.

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