3 Clever Storage Solutions For Tiny Homes

Updated on April 28, 2020

Living a minimal lifestyle has recently been the new fad. With this lifestyle, new tiny homes are popping up left and right, now more than ever. If you own a small house or planning to get one, you might wonder about where to stash your things. Where should you put everything that you own in your tiny house?

You don’t have to worry. Living small does not mean being uncomfortable in a tight space. You can quickly solve your problems with smart storage ideas. You will not have to stress about not having enough space for your jewelry storage. We are going to show you some tips on how to make use of your storage space.

We hope your tiny home living will be more comfortable after you use these tips. Always remember that there can still be some room for what you love in your small home.

Storage Space Under The Bed

There is a strong considerable chance that you are not utilizing the space under your bed. That means that it is a dead space that you should use right away. The area under your bed can be a lot of things. It could serve as a bookshelf. It could also be a storage space for your personal items.

If you like good-looking storage, then using it as an additional bookshelf space is the right approach. You could easily arrange your books or novels in whatever manner you desire. This storage idea could defeat the habit of your books lying around and taking functional space.

Always remember to make use of dead space and not use functional space for storage. For a tiny home, this could be an essential rule to live by. It could mean improved comfort with a dash of aesthetic thrown together in your own small house.

Add Storage Shelves

Adding storage shelves can be a good thing for a tiny home. You can set it up above on the wall, or you can get cube storage shelves. No matter what you choose, these storage shelves could be the solution a little house needs.

You can easily store items where you can see them. You can store everything from books to kitchenware and even serve as dvd storage solutions. If you decide to mount it, make sure that you can reach the shelves. You would not want any injuries to happen while living in your humble home.

You can get cube storage shelves as part of your furniture setup. These shelves are functional and do not take up a lot of space. You will find that the additional storage shelves are useful for storing all your favorite knick-knacks.

Multi-Functional Furniture

There are a lot of furniture with different functions on the market right now. The beauty of these multi-functioning furniture is that it hits two birds with one stone. You can efficiently utilize furniture space and turn it into a smart storage solution. For a tiny home, finding storage space is essential to living in comfort.

You can be on the lookout for coffee tables that have storage spaces in them. Almost anything from knick-knacks to books to personal items can use the coffee table as a storage spot. You no longer have to stress about having to organize your stuff. The coffee table is a beautiful spot to store them and remember them, too.


Living in a tiny home does not have to mean that you should get rid of your stuff. You should not be afraid that you will not be able to fit in everything that gives you joy in your small house. There are tons of smart storage solutions out there for a comfortable tiny house living.

Use these tips whenever you need smart storage ideas. You can add these tips and solutions to your setup without a hitch or any complications.

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