3 Benefits of Using Pre-Employment Tests When Hiring

Updated on December 5, 2021


Hiring to fill vacant positions and the onboarding process can be a lengthy and tedious process. When recruiting, you should explore all sources to gather all the relevant information about potential job applicants. Unfortunately, traditional hiring methods of knowing candidates, such as interviews and resumes, yield very few insights. Resumes are very unreliable, with more than 78% containing misleading information and 46% made up of actual lies.

Similarly, interviewing candidates, especially using unstructured interviews, is very subjective and a poor predictor of employee fit. Fortunately, you can avoid these issues by using properly structured and validated pre-employment tests. They are a reliable and objective way of gathering candidates’ information. Below are some benefits of using employ tests.

1.     They are objective

Hiring managers should rely on objective data when making hiring decisions, especially in the current tough job market. Pre-employment tests provide standardized and overly valuable insights that accurately predict the company fit and job performance of every employee. Using this data to hire the right candidates is a clear receipt for improved productivity and effectiveness of your teams.

Unlike in-person interviews and other traditional hiring methods, pre-employment tests allow you to assess personality traits and applicable skills demonstrated by every candidate. You can easily evaluate teamwork skills, strategic thinking skills, cognitive ability, confidence, leadership ability, problem-solving skills, organizational skills, analytical skills, honesty, people skills, and many other characteristics of prospective candidates.

2.     They increase employee retention

While hiring the right talent is important, increasing employee retention rate to reduce turnover is also crucial. Fortunately, pre-employment tests make it easy to screen every candidates’ personality and aptitude, which are key indicators of whether the employee will fit company culture or not.

Several factors, including employee background history, individual ambition, empathy, critical thinking skills, communication skills, collaboration, motivation, and more, determine if a specific candidate is fit for the vacant position. Unfortunately, screening all these skills during face-to-face interviews is difficult.

Employees who don’t fit into their assigned roles will underperform and will most likely leave. As you may know, replacing bad hires is time-consuming and very expensive. Pre-employment tests provide sufficient information, ensuring that you make the right hire. 

3.     They increase legal defensibility

Unknown to most employers, pre-employment tests and assessments can significantly improve the legal defensibility of your entire hiring process. However, you should ensure that you follow the same guidelines used by other hiring methods, including interviews and reviewing resumes. As per these guidelines, pre-employment tests can be used legally if they are only job-related.

Pre-employment tests provide an additional legal layer as they provide objective and scientifically-backed predictors of job success compared to subjective employment methods. With this, you have a better way of defending your hiring process if some question about the legality of the entire process arises.


Hiring mistakes can cost your company/business largely. However, you can avoid this by using pre-employment tests to determine candidates who rightfully fit the vacant positions. EmployTest provides the right pre-employment tests tailored to suit the specific requirements of your vacant job positions.

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