2 Biggest IT Challenges for Healthcare Facilities

Updated on June 1, 2021
2 Biggest IT Challenges for Healthcare Facilities

Like all businesses, healthcare facilities must put in continual effort to keep up with ever-changing technologies and software. From smart devices to cloud networks, advancements in technology present opportunities and challenges in equal measure. To reap the benefits of the digital age, healthcare facilities must also be diligent about security, user accessibility, and other best practices. Learn your way around these biggest IT challenges for healthcare facilities and discover how professionals in the industry can start working toward effective solutions.

Cybersecurity and Other Data Threats

All modern businesses and organizations face cyberattacks and other threats to their security. Sensitive patient information, massive data networks, and numerous smart devices make healthcare facilities particularly vulnerable in the world of cybersecurity. Moreover, the healthcare industry must uphold higher standards of security and compliance. Security in the face of ever-evolving digital threats is one of the biggest IT challenges for healthcare facilities. Many healthcare facilities establish better defenses through optimized cloud networks. With reliable infrastructure and a knowledgeable CSP, healthcare facilities can build thorough and proactive security measures that stay on top of new cyber threats. Learning how to secure cloud data—even through simple measures like data backup and two-factor authentication—allows healthcare facilities to better serve and protect every patient that walks through their doors.

Implementation of Telehealth

Video calls, AI-powered applications, and other technologies are advancing the field of telehealth. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing measures, the healthcare industry continuously found new ways to serve patients from afar. While telehealth offers exciting potential for professionals and patients alike, it will take careful research and plenty of trial and error to find where telehealth solutions excel and where they fall short. Facilities face the challenge of testing the limits of their telehealth capabilities. At the same time, experts must know where to draw the line with long-distance or impersonal care. Balancing convenient telehealth with compassionate, face-to-face interactions will be a highly sensitive and influential challenge moving forward.