11 Things to Consider Before Pursuing a Career in Tattooing

Updated on June 27, 2022
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Are you planning to become a tattoo artist? If yes, consider yourself to be in luck as today, we shall talk about the most important considerations to keep in mind, if and when you set your eyes on tattooing. Do note that these considerations aren’t tips but aspects that you need to cover before starting a career in tattooing.

So let us get started without wasting any more time:

Is your Art-background sorted?

It is common for most tattoo artists to have a standard background in art— either in an academic capacity or as a hobby. In case you are already deep into painting, sketching, and other similar jobs, it is important to look for an apprenticeship at elite tattoo parlors to get relevant hands-on experience.

A relevant degree is not compulsory but helps

There are schools where you get trained in tattooing, and that too with degrees to show for your hard work. Yes, you can still be talented in your own way but having a learning course that has supposedly helped you get the techniques sorted isn’t such a bad thing, altogether.

Try to have a different source of income

Tattooing is a highly competitive profession. If you are planning to set shop, be rest assured that there will be some shops and artists around that have already established themselves. You might even have to work without getting rightfully compensated for a given period. It is important to make sure that the cash flow isn’t an issue during that period. 

Independent Gigs require investment

Investment isn’t a problem if you plan on working at tattoo parlors as a salaried professional. However, if you plan on setting up an independent shop, it is important to make sure that you have enough backing to get yourself high-end tattoo machines, tubes, needles, thermofax, stencils, and the rental arrangement. You can learn more about some budget machines that are good enough and come across as bundles if you keep your eyes and mind open. The idea here is to save without cutting quality-specific corners.

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Plan the Designs Right

Before you proceed with tattooing any client, you need to decide which kind of artist you want to be. If you simply want to replicate the design ideas that your clients bring to you, line-by-line, you can simply skip this segment. Do consider reading through if you have plans of making each and every design better  by taking at least a day to add new elements and even your personal touch.

Never expect anything 

If you have plans of running a tattoo parlor, you cannot afford to get comfortable with the skin tones and textures. Remember, the moment you make yourself privy to a specific type of texture or complexion, something else will show up. You need to understand that every skin tone can get tattooed on; it only takes skills to get through the process.

Yes, even dark-skinned individuals are very capable of getting detailed work done on their bodies. It’s just the tattooing skill and color selection that matte. And yes, doing a course or getting some apprenticeship really helps in that regard. 

Some tattoos take days, even weeks

As a tattoo artist, it is important to stay prepared for the long hauls. And this means, dipping into designs that cannot be completed in one session. Imagine someone comes up to you with a back portrait idea. As per the usual norms, it might take 3 to 5 sessions across a month or a fortnight, to get the same to completion. In that case, it is your patience that is expected to get you through those tough and boring spells.

You are a therapist

Every tattoo you wish to create requires a certain mood. Also, there might be times when some people would come to you with weird tattooing requests, some demonstrating their most painful recollections to you like the design muse. Yet, it is up to you to make them change their mind, if needed, without being judgemental. 

Messing up is Common

Some of the colors will pick and the lines you draw might not be agreeable to some. And you should be able to take it in the stride. As a tattoo artist, it is virtually impossible to please everyone. Goofing up some aspects of a design, including the spelling isn’t recommended but these things would happen to you eventually, helping you stay more focused over time. 

Take a different route, always

While the tattoo-making industry might look similar across aspects, you can, as a new tattoo artist, bring about a change by doing things differently. First of all, you can opt for vegan-friendly and organic ink supplies that would help you pull clients in from different segments of society. And if you have the money to invest initially, try and get eco-friendly or green accessories like paper-based packaging items and more into the mix.

Do not Tattoo Yourself if you are sensitive to pain

And finally, if you ever plan on getting a tattoo, never try and do it yourself. Actually, you can but the pain will be virtually impossible to bear. And why would you want to waste that time and your own sustainable and green accessories on your own body? Well, kidding!


If you keep these 11 considerations in mind, it becomes easier to pursue the dream of becoming a reputed tattoo artist. And most importantly, even with tons of skills in play, there is no alternative to hard work, in case you want to get big, bigger, and the biggest as a  tattoo artist. 

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