10 Ways to Attract More Patients to Your Dental Practice

Updated on May 10, 2021

Attracting people to a dental practice is a little different from usual business marketing, as there is a lot more at stake. While a badly-fitted pair of jeans won’t cause too much stress in the long run, people want to know that no errors will be made concerning their health. As a dental practice, you must provide not only patients with great dental care, but also a positive environment and great customer service. 

These days, patients expect more than the bare minimum, so to watch new patients walking through the door, a little more effort is necessary. If you are ready to grow your dental practice, here are ten ways to attract more patients. 

1: Ask for Feedback 

Feedback is one of the most valuable things a patient can give you. Without it, you won’t always know whether or not you have done a great job. When patients leave the practice, politely ask them if they want to fill out a form talking about their experience that day, and then review their answers later. You should also ask your patients to rate your practice online, as the more positive reviews you receive, the more appealing your practice becomes. 

2: Partner with a Marketing Company 

As a dental practice, marketing may not be your forte. That’s OK, as there are plenty of excellent marketing companies out there willing to improve your marketing game. For best results, find one targeted at suit dental or health care, as it’ll be better tailored to your needs. If you are still struggling, The Hip Agency has an excellent article about dental marketing strategies for you. 

3: Keep a Happy Dental Office 

People feel happier when they are around positive people. While it’s impossible to keep your entire staff happy at all times, there are some simple ways of improving the mood all around, including: 

  • Praising Hard Work

People like to be told well done. Even if you believe your staff already know they’re doing well, there’s nothing wrong with showing it. 

  • Paying a Fair Salary 

Your staff will feel better working at your practice if they are paid well for their role, so make sure the salaries match the work put in. 

  • Listening to Concerns 

If any team member has concerns, it’s better to let them voice them early rather than allow them to stew. That way, you can solve any issues before they get out of hand. 

The atmosphere of your dental practice will be much lighter once you take excellent care of your staff, and your patients will pick up on that. 

4: Use the Latest Technologies 

As a healthcare provider, there is no reason you shouldn’t utilize the latest technologies on offer to help you provide the best dental care possible. Technology such as 3D printing and artificial intelligence can make a significant improvement on your practice, but if you don’t feel you need that, you could at least use EMR technology to store your patient’s records. 

Not only will using the latest technologies appeal to patients, but it will serve your practice well, too, as you’ll save lots of time and money in the long run. 

5: Provide Discounts to Members

While you might be focused on attracting new patients, you shouldn’t forget about the ones you already have. Make them feel noticed and well looked after by providing loyal members with discounts. Not only will it show them you’re a practice who cares, but it’ll mean they’re more likely to stick around. 

6: Use Excellent Equipment

While it is true that the equipment is only as good as the person using it, it still helps to use excellent dental tools on all your patients. If you have used the same equipment for many years, consider looking at what else is on the market and upgrading where necessary.  

7: Keep the Space Clean and Attractive

All healthcare providers must prioritize cleanliness. After all, no patient will want their oral health tended to in an untidy practice. To ensure every patient feels comfortable as soon as they step in the door, focus on keeping a clean and attractive space. You should pay particular attention to the waiting room when it comes to décor, as that will be where lots of your patients spend a fair amount of time. 

8: Hire Brilliant Staff

Hiring brilliant staff is easier said than done, but it makes such a difference to the quality of care. When hiring, stay on the lookout not just for work experience but also for warm, friendly people who have a genuine passion for providing excellent care. That doesn’t just include hiring dental assistants or nurses, either; make sure your receptionists are also as motivated as the team providing dental care. 

9: Promote Your Practice Online  

Promoting your dental practice online is a simple way of attracting new patients and keeping in touch with your loyal ones. Social media is particularly handy for those – post regular content on there concerning dental care, and you’ll find more people discovering your practice. Don’t forget to focus on your web design, too, as a professional-looking website will tell patients that you are a quality practice. 

SEO is a great way to increase traffic to your website, so learn local SEO to ensure the people finding your practice are those who live near it. 

10: Provide Exceptional Patient Care

In the end, the best way to attract patients to your dental practice is to provide exceptional patient care – every day and every time. Word of mouth is possibly the strongest form of marketing for local businesses, so your main goal is for every single patient to walk out of your practice satisfied with how they’ve been treated. 

Overall, the best way to attract more patients to your dental care is to stay passionate about oral health and put the patients first. By doing this every day, you’ll find new patients coming to your door in no time.

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