Will A Mask Help You In Staying Safe During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Updated on October 23, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed life as we once knew it. Long gone are the days when we would walk carefree outside along the road because there was nothing to worry about. Closed and crowded places have become a thing of the past. 

Today, sanitizing and social distancing have become the norm. Needless to say, wearing masks has also become part of being around others. And while some people believe that masks are one of the best forms of protection against disease-causing germs, others only wear them because they have to.

It’s time to take the guesswork out of the equation and focus on the truth. So, will a mask really keep you safe during the coronavirus pandemic? Let’s find out!

Studies prove that masks block respiratory droplets

Numerous lavatory studies have shown the effectiveness of masks in blocking respiratory droplets. Let’s take the N95 masks, for instance, they were manufactured to significantly reduce the number of viruses that are emitted in aerosols and droplets. 

When wearing your mask, you do not have to worry about the sneezing person who is standing right next to you. As a mask covers your nose and mouth, you will not be exposed to disease-causing germs. The same goes for the COVID-19 virus.  

As it can easily spread through droplets, a mask will keep you protected at all times. Wondering where to get a good mask? Pandemic Pal has N95 masks in stock.  

These masks prevent the entry of pathogens through the airway. They are leak-proof and are currently used for the sole purpose of safety during the coronavirus.

Masks prevent the asymptomatic spread of the coronavirus

According to the Center For Disease Control and Transmission, (CDC), the coronavirus is transmitted before any symptoms become obvious. Thus, wearing a mask reduces the risk of unknowingly spreading the disease. 

Masks are the best way to protect yourself and those who are in your immediate surroundings. And with the emergence of thousands of face mask designs, it is important to note that cloth face coverings do not prevent you from contracting coronavirus. Only N95 masks offer the best level of protection.

Who Should Wear Masks?

The World Health Organization (WHO) [program recommends for healthy adults and children to wear masks. This goes for all children except those who are under the age of two.

 If you have a respiratory condition or find it hard to breathe through a cloth face covering, then you should stay home in order not to expose yourself to any risk.

The Reality of Wearing Face Masks

While masks are an effective method of protection against the coronavirus, the reality is that wearing a mask is only half the battle. 

Sanitizing and washing your hands regularly as well as maintaining social distancing has never been more important. Keeping safe and healthy is always the goal, the best way to do it is by observing all safety precautions.

Stay safe!

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