Why You Need to Hire a Disability Insurance Attorney

Updated on January 27, 2021

Suppose you have an illness or sustained a debilitating injury, which might prevent you from going back to work for some months. In that case, you can pursue financial help through the SSD (Social Security Disability) insurance program. You can question the widespread impact a lawyer may have on the results of your case.

Though if your claim is denied, a professional disability insurance attorney may take you through the appeal process and show you how to demonstrate your rights to get benefits, such as the following:

Make the Application Move Forward

There can be a lengthy procedure to receive disability benefits, with an average claimant waiting between three and five months for the initial claim to get approved. Should your claim be denied, the appeal process may take even longer.

The last thing you may want to do is make a claim take more time by failing to present all the required documents and not responding immediately to the SSA requests.


Disability claims may be challenging to deal with, and some studies show that claimants represented by a disability attorney are four times likely to have their claims approved.

Attorneys are not only conversant with SSA but also state disability insurance and claims processes. Whether you are located in New Jersey or California, your attorney understands what DDS (Disability Determination Services) needs, so the expert will ensure that you have the evidence included in the review file.

Affordable Fees

Most SSD attorneys understand that people in your situation are hard-pressed when it comes to spare resources. In general, they provide free initial or low-cost consultation services; this will help you understand the process’s basics.

During the consultation, your lawyer may also outline the requirements and set reasonable expectations for the whole process. Some laws in states like Florida may be complicated to understand, though initial consultation will offer you a roadmap to help you get through.

Establish a Sold Case

A professional lawyer may request details from your insurance firm regarding your case and engage caretakers and doctors. Your lawyer may also get to know the individuals involved to establish your case correctly.

The expert will make things simple for you and difficult for an insurance firm by partnering with you. It is also vital to know that your case may seem easy, though this field’s technical aspects are not written for people who don’t qualify as disability insurance lawyers.

Get Quality Representation

A good attorney will always be by your side whenever you go before the jury. Before seeing the jury and judge, your attorney needs to communicate with you to prepare you well.

This pre-hearing session may also give your lawyer the details necessary to ask the correct questions during the hearing so that you can provide convincing testimony.

Injuries and illnesses are serious issues, so your future may be in jeopardy unless you secure disability insurance benefits. Unfortunately, most injured or sick parties don’t give much thought to the consequences of claim denial.

Therefore, if you want to have your claimed approved and probably enjoy more benefits, it would be best to hire a disability insurance lawyer.

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