Why Paper Towel Dispensers Are Still Needed

Updated on October 17, 2023
Why Paper Towel Dispensers Are Still Needed

Despite hand dryers’ growing popularity, paper towels continue to play a critical role in maintaining hygiene in commercial restrooms. Their usage extends beyond mere hand drying—they are instrumental in keeping surfaces clean and preventing the spread of germs. Discover the primary reasons why paper towel dispensers are still needed in commercial restrooms.

The Sanitary Benefits of Paper Towels

Paper towels offer numerous sanitary advantages over hand-drying machines. Primarily, they absorb water and germs from hands more effectively, reducing the risk of spreading bacteria around the restroom. Conversely, hand dryers may disperse bacteria into the air, potentially contaminating the surrounding environment. However, this does not mean a business should eliminate hand dryers entirely. A well-planned restroom can incorporate both hand dryers and paper towel dispensers. This combination lets users choose their preferred drying method, ensuring they feel comfortable. In addition, offering both options can help manage peak usage times effectively, preventing long queues and overcrowding in the bathroom area.

The Importance of Hand Hygiene In Commercial Spaces

The importance of hand hygiene in commercial spaces cannot be overstated. It plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy environment and preventing the spread of infectious diseases. Businesses, schools, and other commercial establishments often see many individuals passing through daily, increasing the risk of germ transmission. Ensuring these spaces provide effective hand hygiene options, such as easy access to handwashing facilities, paper towels, and hand sanitizers, is not just a matter of comfort or convenience; it is a matter of public health.

Tips for Managing Paper Towel Waste

Incorporating paper towels into your restroom setup does not have to result in a mess. To manage paper towel waste effectively, consider investing in a smart and efficient paper towel dispenser rather than laying towels on the counter next to the sink. A dispenser keeps your restroom tidy and encourages users to take only what they need, reducing overall waste.

There are two main types of paper towel dispensers: manual and automatic. Manual dispensers require the user to pull the paper towel out of the unit physically. Although they are typically less expensive, they may not be as sanitary because multiple people touch the dispenser. On the other hand, automatic dispensers function using sensors that detect when a hand is beneath them, releasing the exact amount of paper towel needed. Both devices are suitable options, but automatic paper towel dispensers offer the most benefits for your bathroom and its users.

Understanding why paper towel dispensers are still needed in commercial spaces helps you ensure a more comfortable and hygienic bathroom experience for your patrons. Consider including both paper towels and hand-drying machines in your facilities to maximize hand sanitizing capabilities.