Why Is a Background Check Necessary for Employment?

Updated on August 11, 2021
Why Is a Background Check Necessary for Employment?

When it’s time to hire new employees, a good quality pool to pull from will make the process simpler. Companies want to create safer and more secure work environments staffed with quality employees. A background check is often the final step in the hiring process. Let’s dive into why a background check is necessary for employment to figure out why all employers benefit from it.

Company Protection

An employer must consider many factors when they’re hiring a new employee. One of them is the welfare and safety of visitors, customers, retailers, and current employees. They don’t want to hire someone who has a history of workplace violence.

Another area employers must protect is their finances. They understand that most theft today is accomplished by insiders. Companies want to stay away from potential employees that have a history of theft. A background check will allow employers to make sound decisions regarding the safety of others and their money.

Check Claims

In a competitive job market, it’s appealing for potential employees to fib on their resumes. A background check will verify if a new hire is lying on their resume. It shows a job seeker’s level of education and past employment. If any information is left off the resume, the absence will be displayed on the background check.

Promotes Honesty

If a potential employee lies on their resume, this is enough information for the employer to question their honesty and integrity. It has the potential to disqualify them from the position. There are even a few examples of CEOs, high-profile coaches, and professors who lied on their resumes. Their downfall played out in the public eye, showing the significance of checking for fabrications. These people typically have the gift of talking charismatically, and a background check reveals to you what they’ve embellished.

Companies understand that the most highly regarded organizations tend to attract the best and most qualified job hunters. They want to maintain the reputation they’ve built. Therefore, what shows up on the background check is essential. All employers want to make a sensible decision, and this is why a background check is necessary for employment.