Why Clinical Molecular Diagnostic Jobs Are Trending

Updated on September 5, 2022

The health sector has become one of the fastest growing, best paid, and most in-demand jobs and economically relevant sectors of the moment. More specifically, the ability to generate huge amounts of healthcare and medical data and then be able to analyze and report on these results has seen a huge upsurge in demand for personnel in clinical molecular diagnostics (CMD). It is a sector that is now trending and has some of the best careers in healthcare, with a projected job growth of 11% being one of the best in the sector as a whole. This article provides some insight as to what these jobs entail and why clinical molecular diagnostic jobs are now so in demand.

You Can Start Your Journey Online 

Since the recent pandemic, the ability to analyze huge amounts of data related to laboratory tests is a sector that has begun to trend and simply gone to another level. The impact of infectious disease on international travel, logistics, and business had to be seen to be believed. The result is that the ability to provide rapid medically accepted results that are understood and easily communicated across the globe has peaked in importance. Advanced laboratory skills, human genetics or infectious disease, and teaching others these lab skills are all sectors within healthcare that the MS in clinical molecular diagnostics will allow you to do and will provide a starting point for a highly paid, sustainable career in healthcare. The great news is that you can start this easily online, so it has never been easier to get the career you want no matter where you are. 

The pay scales and cost benefit

You will need to have a bachelor’s degree in clinical lab science or a related science degree and have graduated with at least a 3.0 grade point average, with around USD 20k on average to cover the costs of the study. The best advice is to do the online program while you work, but there are also full-time options if you want to fast-track your career entrance. However, one of the main reasons that people pursue these extra degrees and put aside the money for study is the potential earnings they can make once they have a job. The results, as shown by the US Labor Bureau, are pay options well above the median wages in healthcare that a 3-year qualification will allow.

You Learn So Many Skills 

This growing sector encapsulates everything from advanced laboratory skills and some skills that vary by chosen specialization topics and subjects such as human genetics, infectious disease, or laboratory education that relate to current societal health needs and should also be in any professional CMD program. 

Educators Focus on Research 

The top programs also include a strong research component and focus on diagnostic techniques, various methods of molecular verification, validation and identification, and the clinical application of genomic medicine. It’s a wide range of incredibly relevant topics and should explain why this subject is peaking in interest and relevance in the health sector as a whole. 

It Benefits Society as a Whole 

Covid may just have been the start of things to come in the next few years, and as other infectious diseases such as monkey pox begin to spread, it is a subject area and career choice that will only become more important. Therefore, if you have been looking to do something that makes a difference in the world, then this is it. 

A career in molecular diagnostics may sound complicated. Still, it has become one of the fastest-growing fields in healthcare. Once you have the basics and do more reading of articles such as this, you will be able to make an informed decision as to whether this is a route you would like to take to provide for a sustainable career in healthcare. 

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