What are the side effects of taking colloidal silver?

Updated on February 20, 2021

Silver has been used in the medical field for many years. In fact, prior to the invention of antibiotics like tetracycline, silver was used to control infection.

Colloidal silver has grown in popularity in recent years, largely due to a move away from traditional medication and toward more natural ways of preventing illness or addressing specific symptoms. However, like all dietary supplements, colloidal silver may have the potential to cause side effects. For this reason, many people who are interested in taking colloidal silver for any purpose are curious about the side effects that could develop. Below is some information about colloidal silver and the side effects it can cause. 

What Is Colloidal Silver?

Most colloidal silver supplements are composed of small silver particles suspended in a liquid solution. Some colloidal silver products may also be available in the form of topical cream intended to be applied to the skin. Colloidal silver supplements differ from ionic silver or silver hydrosol in that they do not contain silver ions. Instead, they are composed of stable silver particles that do not produce uncontrolled reactions. 

Colloidal silver supplements may be coated or uncoated. In a coated colloidal silver supplement, each nanoparticle is protected by a coating designed to prevent clumping within the body and stop the particle from breaking down prematurely in the digestive tract. In general, coated colloidal silver supplements are considered superior to uncoated supplements. 

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Research has shown that colloidal silver has several properties that may make it beneficial when used as a dietary supplement. For example, studies have shown that colloidal silver may possess antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. Specifically, when introduced to a bacterium or another pathogen, colloidal silver acts as a biocide. For this reason, some people take it to prevent infection. Some people may also take colloidal silver to support healthy immune function. 

It is important to note that the FDA has not approved colloidal silver supplements for medical use, so manufacturers of these supplements are not permitted to make any claims related to the treatment or prevention of disease or any medical condition. 

Side Effects of Colloidal Silver

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If you are thinking of taking colloidal silver, you may wonder whether it is healthy or dangerous when used as a dietary supplement. Like any substance you put in your body as a supplement, colloidal silver has the potential to cause side effects, especially when you are using a poor-quality supplement or taking more than the recommended dosage. Some of the potential side effects you may experience when taking colloidal silver supplements include:

1. Argyria. 

Perhaps the most unique and well-known potential side effect related to silver supplements is argyria. This condition occurs when silver particles build up in the mucus membranes and skin, causing them to take on a bluish-gray tone. The symptoms of argyria may get worse over time if you continue to take silver supplements. In addition, argyria is often irreversible. 

2. Kidney or liver problems. 

When silver particles build up in your organs, organ damage may result. In such cases, people taking silver supplements may notice symptoms of kidney damage or liver damage. 

3. Neurological problems. 

A build-up of too much silver in the body has been linked to neurological issues. 

4. Digestive issues. 

For some people, silver supplements can be hard on the digestive system. If this occurs, you may notice stomach or intestinal problems. 

5. Silver allergy. 

In very rare cases, an individual can be allergic to silver. If this occurs, taking any silver supplement could cause a severe reaction. 

6. Interference with other medications or supplements. 

If you are using another supplement or medication, colloidal silver may impact absorption. 

Taking Colloidal Silver Safely

Despite the possibility of side effects, most people are able to consume colloidal silver supplements safely if they take the right precautions. In order to ensure that you minimize the risk of side effects and complications when taking colloidal silver:

  • Choose the right product. – Not all colloidal silver supplements are equally safe or effective. For the best results, select a product from a reputable manufacturer. It is also important to choose a supplement that includes small silver nanoparticles that are uniform in size and shape. Coated colloidal silver supplements are generally safer and more effective than uncoated supplements. 
  • Follow the directions. – Different colloidal silver supplements contain different concentrations of silver. For this reason, the dosage you need will depend on the product you choose. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer carefully. 
  • Pay attention to side effects. – If you experience any instance of side effects you believe may be related to taking colloidal silver supplements, stop using the supplement. If necessary, seek professional treatment. 

Coated Silver’s colloidal silver supplements are considered some of the best available on the market. Our supplements contain small, coated silver nanoparticles optimized for proper absorption. When you choose coated silver, you can get the dosage you need with only one drop of the supplement. Our supplements do not denature proteins or cause other adverse reactions within your body, allowing you to consume them without worrying as much about severe side effects. Contact us today to learn more about our products. 


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