What are Free Spins and Why are They So Popular?

Updated on January 23, 2022

If it’s your first time to register and play the online casino, you’ll come across the term ‘free spins’. This isn’t hard to understand. You know you’ll get the chance to play for free. And it’s attractive, right? But before you use your free spins, learn more about it. It’s better to be well-informed, especially if you are a newbie.

What are free spins and when do you get them?

Free spins on online casinos are spins that you do not have to pay for. Instead of giving you a cash bonus, operators offer bonus games. You can get them as soon as you sign up, as a welcome bonus. Some, however, give free spins for a deposit. Some even give out free spins to players who are celebrating their birthdays and who are able to refer friends.

Free spins are legitimate freebies. There may be some restrictions or terms and conditions that you have to follow like, up until when you can use them. But at least, you are given the chance to play online casinos for free and win a few dollars out of nothing from your pocket.

Why do online casinos offer free spins?

On the marketing side, free spins aim to promote the website. When you register—because you get attracted to free spins—you provide them your email address. This allows them to send you promotional offers, including the introduction of new games, new offers, and others. Likewise, free spins attract new players and encourage existing players to play more.

Because of stiff competition not only in online casinos but in online gaming as a whole, each gaming website must think of something to give out to its new and existing players. For the newbie, free spins must attract them to sign up. For existing players, these must persuade them to stay.

Why are free spins popular?

They are so well-liked for the very reason that you can play free spins without betting real money and yet giving you the opportunity to win one. Who would not love that? 

But then again, there are terms and conditions that you have to be aware of: time limits, limited winning total, and others. Most online casinos outline their terms and conditions very clearly; there is no way you’ll be confused. However, some are ambiguous that you will later found out that you get the terms all wrong. In the end, you’ll not be able to collect your winnings.  

Should you play your free spins?

Yes. It’s free; you’ve got nothing to lose, but, hopefully, have something to gain (real money, that is!). Anyway, with or without free spins, you are already setting your eyes on playing online casinos. So why not pursue it? 

If there is a downside, it’s the terms and conditions. For one, free spins expire. Play them while they are there and while they are free.

If you are really keen on playing online casinos, check out legitimate online casino websites. Play the free spins. Enjoy it while it lasts. 

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