Ways To Raise Awareness Around Women’s Health

Updated on October 14, 2021
Ways To Raise Awareness Around Women’s Health

How does your facility answer questions and spread information about women’s health? With National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, there’s no better time to double down on your efforts and help increase awareness for this and other facets of women’s health in your community. You might already keep brochures around your office and speak to individual patients about these issues, but can you take these efforts even further? This month and throughout the rest of the year, experiment with these ways to raise awareness about women’s health.

Host Screening Days

It’s one thing to talk to women about the importance of regular health screenings, but what can you do to get more women into your clinic for these services? Screening days and other events are a great way to promote your services and encourage women to come in for crucial checkups. Advertise free breast screenings, Pap smears, and general health checks for women. This is also a great way to spread information about these services and why they matter.

Connect With Social Media

In-person events take time, space, money, and other resources that you might not always have available. However, you can always take to social media to spread information and connect with the community. Social media offers endless ways to raise awareness about women’s health. You can create regular posts or informational videos about different health issues. Host digital Q&As where your experts take questions from the community. During big events like Breast Cancer Awareness Month or National Women’s Health Week, you can even boost participation through giveaways and other fun virtual events.

Give Presentations Around the Community

Knowledge is power, especially when you’re trying to raise awareness about important topics. Reach out to schools, offices, and other organizations in your area to see how you can work together to educate the public. Have healthcare providers give presentations on specific issues surrounding women’s health.

You can also host a health fair and invite women to come, learn, and ask questions about various topics. There are endless subjects you can talk about. Dedicate part of the space to learning about breast cancer causes and treatments. Partner with OB-GYNs and pediatricians to host a workshop for new mothers where you address common questions or concerns, such as what mothers need to know about breastfeeding. Events like these do more than spread information. You’re also giving women a comfortable, communal space to ask questions, air concerns, and learn about issues that matter to them.