Unlocking Your Hip Flexors Review: Does It Work?

Updated on September 16, 2020

The human body is an incredibly complicated and intricate construction. Arteries, ligaments, tendons, muscles, nerves, and soft tissue all inexplicably coming together to create you, a living, breathing, moving, thinking entity. 

Throughout history, we have slowly managed to achieve a greater understanding of our own bodies, how they function, and how the different parts of the body interact and affect each other. 

Despite this, there is still much we simply do not know about how our own bodies work. Many theories exist about these unknowns, some more credible than others. 

The Unlocking Your Hip Flexors program, at first glance, seems to be an exercise program based more on theory rather than fact. 

The program creators claim that the tightness of the psoas muscle, a key muscle for leg and hip movement, can not only lead to chronic hip and back pain but also various psychological issues as well as erectile dysfunction in men. 

They state that by following along with their exercise regimen, literally anyone can see tangible benefits in all of these areas, as well as improve their athletic performance.

But how true are these claims? 

Even if one is not a healthcare professional, one might consider the many lofty promises the program makes to be a bit dubious. As previously mentioned, however, there is still a vast amount that we do not know about our own bodies, so who can say for sure? 

This review will attempt to answer these questions as definitively as possible. In it, we will go into further detail about the supposed benefits of the Unlocking Your Hip Flexors program, the materials, and resources included with the program, and compare these with customer reviews to determine whether or not this program is worth your time and money. 

What Is It?

Unlocking Your Hip Flexors is a program that claims to offer solutions to a wide variety of ailments, including low energy, bad posture, trouble sleeping, decreased sexual performance, joint pains, and anxiety, among others. 

The Unlocking Your Hip Flexors program was created by Mike Westerdal, a personal trainer and nutrition specialist, and Rick Kaselj, a kinesiologist who used his own severe back injury to develop effective therapeutic exercises; essentially using his own body as a lab rat to perform tests. 

Mike also founded Critical Bench, a bodybuilding and fitness-oriented website which also serves as the publisher of the Unlocking Your Hip Flexors program. 

The program focuses on exercising and stretching the psoas (SO-as) muscle, the main muscle that connects the upper and lower human body. 

Unlocking Your Hip Flexors contains 10 different exercises designed to loosen the psoas muscle, which the program creators claim can help alleviate many of the aforementioned health issues. 

The Proposed Benefits

The psoas muscle belongs to a group of muscles called hip flexors. As the name implies, these muscles are essential to movements involving the hips; without hip flexors, a person would not be able to bend their hips, or even walk.

It is a fact that tight hip flexors do make individuals more receptive to certain injuries and that weak hip flexors can limit one’s movement; however, on the official Unlocking Your Hip Flexors website, the program creators list numerous additional issues apparently caused by tight hip flexors. 

The program creators claim that tight hip flexors, along with all of their associated issues, ultimately stem from sitting for prolonged periods of time. 

These issues include:

  • Joint pains
  • Discomfort while walking
  • Locked hips
  • Bad posture
  • Less restful sleep
  • Low overall energy
  • Anxiety
  • Digestive issues
  • Weak immune system
  • Decreased sexual performance 

What You Get?

When purchasing a copy of Unlocking Your Hip Flexors, you have the option to receive either a physical DVD and user manual or a digital-only version of both. If you choose to receive the physical copy, you also receive the digital-only version for free. 

Buyers will also receive bonus material in the form of the Unlock Your Tight Hamstrings DVD and manual and the 7-Day Anti-Inflammatory Cookbook. All of the bonus material is also created by Mike Westerdal and Rick Kaselj. 

How to Purchase?

Unlocking Your Hip Flexors can be purchased from Amazon, or from the company’s website. If you choose to purchase it via the company’s website, you will have to do so through Clickbank.

Clickbank is a third-party retailer that helps other companies sell digital and physical items. Being a third-party retailer, it stands to reason that many individuals will likely find their presence a bit concerning; rest assured, Clickbank is not a scam. 

Clickbank has existed since 1998 and hosts products from a wide variety of vendors. Some of these vendors may be reputable, and some may not be, but with dozens and dozens of different vendors offering their products on the site, it is inevitable that customers will encounter some shady companies. 

Regardless, Clickbank itself is a safe and reliable service that can be trusted to handle monetary transactions. 

The price for both the physical and digital version is $50; however, customers are eligible for a discount if they purchase one of these products within 15 minutes of visiting the website. 

This discount brings the digital version down to $10, and the physical edition down to $15. The program creators offer a 60-day money-back guarantee for all of their products.

Materials and Resources Included

Regardless of whether you buy the physical or the digital product, you receive the same resources. 

These include:

  • Unlocking Your Hip Flexors video – You can find this on the DVD with the physical copy or a video file with the digital product. Either way, this resource actually contains two videos; one of which is an explanation of each of the 10 exercises within the program, and the other of which is a “follow-along” style of video where the viewer is prompted to follow along with an instructor as they perform the necessary exercises.
  • Unlocking Your Hip Flexors manual – This manual contains additional information about the psoas muscle and the purported negative effects that a tight psoas can have on the body. It also includes detailed descriptions of the program’s individual exercises, as well as visual aids. 

Customers who order from the Unlocking Your Hip Flexors website are also eligible to receive bonus material:

This book contains recipes, diet recommendations, meal plans, and other nutritional tips that will ostensibly help your body “switch on its natural healing process” in order to fight pain and inflammation.

Unlocking Your Hip Flexors: The Review

Everything about the Unlocking Your Hip Flexors program sounds good on paper, but some important questions must be asked: how easy is it to use, how effective is it really, and is it worth it?

To answer these questions, we have looked to the Amazon page for Unlocking Your Hip Flexors, which contains numerous customer reviews for both the products themselves and the exercises contained within. 

Of the 141 customer reviews listed, 56% of customers rated the program five stars out of five, 14% rated it four stars, 11% rated it three stars, 7% rated it two stars, and 12% rated it one star. 

After some research, we were able to narrow down the most common pros and cons associated with this fantastic program.


  • Pain relief and flexibility – Multiple customers claimed that the exercises included in the program did provide a noticeable level of pain relief, some within just a few days of starting the routine. On top of this, several customers noted a change in their mobility, particularly in how easily they were able to move their hips. The exercises seem to be genuinely effective at loosening and strengthening the body’s hip flexors.
  • The relative ease of completion – Being that none of the exercises require specialized equipment, they are relatively easy to follow along with. All one needs is a flat surface to lean against, and an area with enough room to stretch out. Many customers reported little to no difficulties following along with the exercises.


  • Somewhat misleading accessibility – While the product claims to be suitable for all ages and body types, several reviews contradict this. For individuals who are elderly or somewhat overweight, these exercises might be considerably more difficult than is implied. Some of the exercises involve kneeling, which can be particularly challenging for overweight individuals or individuals with severe joint pain.
  • Poor quality visual aids – A few reviewers noted that the print quality of the manuals left something to be desired, with muddy, low-resolution images and poor writing. Reviews for the video content seem to be more favorable, although at least one reviewer reported that the “follow-along” video lacked any kind of verbal cues for the viewer to listen to, meaning the viewer has to always be watching the screen or risk missing some piece of important information. In addition, the DVD lacks separate chapters, meaning the viewer cannot select a specific segment from the video to watch; they are forced to manually skip through the video file.

In addition to the cons presented in the customer reviews, we were also unable to find any evidence or testimonials substantiating the other purported health benefits that these exercises have. 

Aside from the claims made by the program creators themselves, there seems to be almost no evidence that loosening the psoas muscle has any effect on improving immune system function, digestive system function, anxiety, or sexual performance. 

One customer complained about the product’s price, claiming it to be overly expensive, although other reviews did not mention this. 

The question of whether people got their money’s worth from this product seems to be a bit subjective; from what we have gathered, those who were satisfied with the product were also satisfied with the price they paid for it.  

Should You Buy It?

The question of “should you buy it” really depends on the type of person you are and what you are looking for in an exercise routine. 

For individuals experiencing chronic pain and stiffness in their back and hips, the exercises contained within the Unlocking Your Hip Flexors program seem, for the most part, to be useful and helpful. 

However, the exercises themselves are not always accessible for some individuals with certain mobility limitations. So, it is definitely worth performing some preliminary research to make sure that these exercises are the right fit for you. 

It would be wise to consult with your physician first before starting this program if you have previous history of chronic pain in back and hips. 

As for the materials and resources included with the program, the general consensus seems to be that while the actual physical quality of the resources is somewhat mediocre, the inclusion of the visual aids in the manual and the instructional videos are overall fairly helpful. However, we are slightly skeptical of the price of the material in relation to its quality.


Overall, if you are suffering from hip pain but are a reasonably active and healthy individual, this might be a useful program for you. However, we would recommend buying it at a discount if possible. 

The Unlocking Your Hip Flexors program appears to be at least somewhat effective in some regards, although it is almost certainly not the kind of miracle cure-all exercise routine it claims to be.


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