Top Equipment All Animal Hospitals Must Have

Updated on February 4, 2022
Top Equipment All Animal Hospitals Must Have

Animal healthcare is a specialized industry. This means that veterinarians have specific tools that are necessary to the success of their practice. While some clinics focus on particular concentrations, there are some applications that every vet needs regardless of their specialty. Here is the top equipment all animal hospitals must have to provide high-quality care to their patients.


Every animal hospital needs tables to treat their patients. However, ordinary tables aren’t enough to do the job right. Professionals design veterinary tables to withstand significant amounts of weight while also being easy to sanitize. In addition, veterinarians can use electric or hydraulic tables in surgery to adjust positions and increase mobility, which is necessary to perform life-saving procedures.


There are many lighting options that good veterinary practices need in their hospitals. Large overhead lights are essential in surgery suites to ensure visibility to all of an animal’s important parts. Vets also need smaller lights and blacklights to see into tighter spaces, like mouths, eyes, and ear canals, to help identify skin conditions like ringworm.

Digital X-Ray Machine

Full-service animal hospitals should have access to digital X-ray machines for their injured patients. Digital radiographs allow veterinarians to see bones, organs, and muscles without using a darkroom to develop images. Radiographs also help veterinarians make medical decisions to determine the next course of action on a sick or hurt pet.

Ultrasound Machine

Another piece of equipment all animal hospitals must have is an ultrasound machine. These machines provide vets with accurate, high-resolution images. Like X-ray machines, ultrasounds help veterinarians see inside of their patients without having to open them up in surgery.


Bench scales have become an integral part of animal hospitals for their easy use and precise measurements. Like medical care for humans, veterinary care relies on collecting accurate weights to calculate doses of medicine and anesthesia. Choose a bench scale that can hold the weight of your heaviest pet. Also, consider looking into portable scales to help ease the nerves of your most nervous patients.

Successful animal hospitals have access to these basic tools that help them provide the best treatment possible. While this list isn’t comprehensive, it’s a good starting point for anyone looking to open their own veterinary practice. No matter what supplies you choose to use to practice veterinary medicine, be sure that they are precise, clean, and high-quality.