Top 5 Exercises to Boost Testosterone Levels

Updated on July 21, 2022

Testosterone is the prime hormone in males responsible for bodybuilding, muscle growth, maintaining body weight and sex drive, etc. In this article, we will look at the top 5 exercises which help in boosting testosterone level in our body. We will also see how they can be performed correctly. We know that this hormone is naturally produced in the body to fulfill all its requirements, but the fact is with the growing age, its production starts declining. Therefore, these exercises mentioned below can help us to increase testosterone production naturally. Scroll down the screen to read about these exercises.

Top 5 Exercises To Boost Testosterone Levels

1. Free Squats or Bodyweight Squats:

Do you know what compound exercises are? You must have heard it from your gym instructor. There are two types of exercises that we perform in the gym. The first one is isolation exercises during which only a single muscle group or muscle is involved. But in contrast to this, compound exercises involve two or more muscles/muscle groups. While doing squats, there are many muscles involved thus squats come under compound exercises. Now let us know how anyone can perform it. To perform Bodyweight squats, you need to spread our legs slightly more than shoulder-width. Bring your hands straight at shoulder level, now look at a point on a wall or whatever is in front of you, and go down as much as you can. Remember never look up or down while doing it, look straight. All the weight of your body should be on your heels and when coming up, you should keep in mind to push through your heels not toes. Doing squats helps us to enhance endurance, strengthen hip muscles, legs, etc. It can be performed in 3 sets with a target of 20-25 repetitions each time. We can also perform it with a single leg (a difficult variation) in 1 or 2 sets with the number of repetitions we want. 

2. Squats with weights:

We looked at free Squats; now let us talk about squats with weights. Obviously, for beginners, it is better to start with free squats and then move to this one, i.e. squats with weights because this exercise requires more strength and energy to perform it. To do this exercise, again spread your leg little more than shoulder-width. Now hold the barbells at your shoulders and go down slowly in a straight line. As already mentioned, the whole weight of our body would be on the heels and while coming up, we should push through the heels. Many people do a mistake of coming up pushing with their toes which is not the correct way to perform it. It can injure our knees if done in a wrong manner. This exercise increases the strength, energy and endurance of our body along with strengthening the muscles involved in it like Hamstrings, Glutes, Calves and Quadriceps. If we talk about the sets and reps then there is nothing like we have to perform it in 2 or 3 sets with compulsion but it is better to do 3 sets with 16, 12, and 8 repetitions respectively. 

3. Deadlift:

Now let us move to the next exercise which is the deadlift. Whenever someone talks about exercises for improving body strength, deadlift comes in the first position in that list of exercises. Performing deadlifts correctly helps not only to increase strength but is observed helpful for better body posture and burning fats. There are several things we need to keep in mind while doing a deadlift. To perform a deadlift, the first thing we should look for is that, it should not be performed like squats. It has been seen that many people keep the barbells much away from their body while performing deadlifts which is not the correct way. The barbells should be kept closure to our body and while going down our hips should be kept in between our head and knees, i.e. neither much lower nor too high. Second thing, the barbells should be kept straight while lifting it. Third thing, we should not arch our back while performing it to avoid lower back injuries. We can keep the weights the same in all sets or increase them depending on our capacity.

4. Leg Press:

Moving on to the next exercise which is leg Press, this exercise is good for strengthening Glutes, calves and other muscles involved while performing it. It improves the balance of our body and keeps our bones strong. There are a few things which need to be noted to perform it correctly. Since it is a leg exercise, therefore doing it in a wrong way can lead to stress in our lower back. We should not lift our hips while performing it. Many people lock their knees while coming back which increases the chances of injury. The foot should be kept at shoulder-width same as in squats and straight while performing each set. Further, we should release the pushed weight slowly to avoid any kind of injury. These were some precautions we need to take while doing leg press for better results. 

5. Lunges:

The last exercise which we can perform to increase testosterone production in our body is- this one called lunges. Lunges help us with our Hamstrings, Calves, Soleus, and many other miner muscles involved while doing it. They are known for improving the balance of the body, aiding in flexibility, and enhancing strength. The correct way to perform it is- we should stand with our legs apart hip-width. We can either keep our hands free or hold dumbbells to maintain weight and balance. Now bring any of your legs forward with keeping both the knees at 90 degrees while moving down the hip. One more thing while performing lunges is- our thighs should remain parallel to the floor. It can lead to serious injuries if done poorly so never give extra stress on carrying too heavyweights.


These were the top 5 lower body exercises that work as testosterone boosters and maintain a high level of testosterone in our body. Now you must be thinking that how these exercises increase testosterone levels in the body so here is the answer, it is observed that compound and heavy weight-lifting exercises help in enhancing testosterone as well as growth hormones in our body because they influence multiple muscles while we perform them which leads to the release of little surplus hormones through glands. 

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