Top 5 Benefits of Providing Valet Parking to Your Patients

Updated on June 16, 2022
Top 5 Benefits of Providing Valet Parking to Your Patients

Providing valet parking to your patients is a great way to improve first impressions and increase productivity. When people arrive at your building, they will usually look for signs of convenience. Providing parking assistance saves them time and effort, which they will value when evaluating your care as a whole. 

First Impressions

First impressions are everything. When patients arrive, valet parking is the first thing they see. It suggests that you care about their experience from the moment they arrive until the moment they leave. Valet services also improve patient satisfaction scores. Even if someone has a negative opinion regarding another aspect of their visit, they’re still likely to give you high marks if your location offers value-added benefits like valet parking.

Valet Parking Can Increase Productivity

Providing valet parking to staff, patients, and guests can bring several benefits to your organization, making it a service that is well worth the investment.

By providing valet parking to staff, you are helping them save time, which increases productivity. For example, employees don’t have to worry about finding street parking.

There are numerous benefits to valet services, and they don’t require much to offer. You may need a guard house that provides a secure space for your valet driver, keys, and equipment. There are a few things to consider to ensure that you choose the right guard shack for your needs, but this investment will give patients clear direction on where to bring their vehicle when they arrive.

Reduce Road Rage

Valet parking can reduce the amount of stress associated with trying to find a parking spot before an appointment. If patients are running late or in pain, providing this parking assistance can help to reduce the frustration that often occurs during the parking process. Suppose your building is attached to a parking garage; that is even more reason to consider upgrading to a valet. Garages tend to lead to lost vehicles and frustration, while valet services offer convenience to patients. 

Free Up Parking Spaces

Providing valet parking to your patients is a fantastic way to free up parking spaces. Your employees can utilize open spaces instead. You could designate special spaces for the employee of the month or block off multiple spaces for all staff, allowing anyone returning from lunch to return quickly and without the added step of searching for a space. It also creates more accessible parking spaces for visitors and vendors who often need to pick up mail or drop something off at the office.

Provide a Luxury Image

The final benefit of providing valet parking to your patients is that it gives the image of luxury and quality. This aspect is especially important if you are in an area where many other medical buildings are trying to compete for patients. Providing valet parking will help you stand out from your competitors. This choice shows that you care about their experience at your facility and want your patients to have a positive experience when visiting your medical practice.