Top 10 Foods To Boost Testosterone Levels

Updated on December 17, 2020

Testosterone is said to be the male sex hormone but it is present not only in men and also in women’s bodies but at a lower level. However, when testosterone level decreases beyond the normal level then it will have a negative impact on both male and female because apart from being the sex hormone, it also helps to remove exhaustion by energizing the body, strengthen the bones, improve heart functions, enhance physical performance and maintain good health. I am going to discuss the top ten foods which are easily available and are very helpful in increasing testosterone level in the body.

Best 10 Foods To Boost Testosterone Levels

1. Onion:

It is the most essential ingredient in our daily diet. It is available in everyone’s kitchen but most of us may not be aware of the health benefits that onion may act as one of the best testosterone boosters and an increase in testosterone levels. In some animal-based studies have found that a glass taking a glass of fresh onion juice can significantly increase the total level of testosterone in them just within a month.  Though there is not sufficient evidence for humans, yet many people believe that they have experienced the same and it has been very effective in improving their sexual health.

2. Pomegranate:

Pomegranate is a very good source which can improve your sexual health and apart from that it has been very effective in maintaining the good health of the heart and reduces anxiety. Researchers in their studies have found that it can increase the testosterone level in the body by 20 to 25 percent. It is beneficial for both men and women. It has also been found that pomegranate can enhance the mood and lower the blood pressure to a healthy level. It also contributes in improving the sperm quality.

3. Cruciferous Vegetables:

Vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, kale and other similar type of green leafy vegetables falls under this class. It not only helps in increasing testosterone level in the body but also contributes in reducing estrogen level. This is very beneficial for men because higher amount of estrogen will cause erectile dysfunction and enlarge breast tissues. If you are trying for lowering the estrogen level in your body as well as boosting your testosterone to a normal healthy level than I would recommend you to start eating Cruciferous vegetables in your daily diet. It makes your diet tasty and also has such positive effects.

4. Fatty Fish:

People having lower level of testosterone can eat fatty fish like sardines and salmon for raising it. This is because fatty fish stimulates the level of Omega 3 in the body. Omega 3 is said to be the building blocks of sex hormones like testosterone in men. It can also improve the semen quality. It will improve your sexual response and increases libido. It makes you feel happy, increases your confidence level and also promotes muscle mass. You can also eat fatty fish oil for increasing the level of fatty acids in your body.

5. Grapes:

If you want to increase your testosterone level, then grapes is one of the best option available for you. You should eating grapes everyday either with meal or take it as a part of your snacks. In the skin of fruits like grapes, raspberries and blueberries a component known as Resveratrol is found which is very useful in enhancing testosterone levels and stimulates the sperm count. Another important element found in grapes is boron which helps in accelerating the level of testosterone production in our body.

6. Seeds of Pumpkin:

If you consume seeds of pumpkin, you are going to intake a large amount of zinc and magnesium along with it. Zinc helps in production of sex hormones, particularly testosterone. If you are having testosterone deficiency than magnesium will help to raise the testosterone level so that it can return back to normal. This will enhance your sex drive. Pumpkin seeds are also helpful in balancing hormones.

7. Honey:

There are many studies conducted on both humans and animans which shows that intake of honey can improve the testosterone level in men. Testosterone plays an effective role in developing male characteristics in men. Honey contains the mineral Boron which is very beneficial in increasing the level of testosterone in the body. It can not only boost free testosterone but also reduces the level of estrogen as well. Apart from that, it also contains nitric oxide which also stimulates production of testosterone, improves libido and treats erectile dysfunction. It can give you firm erection for a longer duration. Therefore, honey can be a good choice to increase testosterone in our body.

8. Garlic:

It has been scientifically proved that garlic can boost your testosterone and make you more hunky. If you are going to gym then you should combine garlic with a proper protein diet, you will be getting the most impressive results in muscle building and increasing the muscle size. Garlic is very beneficial for men because it can increase the nitric oxide level in the body by approximately 200 percent. Garlic is absolutely safe and it even has antifungal properties which means it is going to protect you againts many germs. You can eat garlic everyday instead of taking anabolic steroids for testosterone boosting.

9. Beans:

Beans are very good source of Zinc, vitamin D and protein. Studies have found that there is a direct relation between lower level of testosterone and deficiency in Vitamin D. If you increase your vitamin D level, testosterone level stimulates and it also improves sperm quality. Even Zinc can increase the level of free testosterone and positively impacts on sexual competency of male and so does protein. We all know that there are varieties of beans available so we can choose any of them we like and diet it to our daily diet.

10. Egg Yolks:

Egg Yolks are high in good cholesterol which is essential for your body to perform its functions. A higher amount of good cholesterol is required in order to boost testosterone level. It also contains proteins in it which promotes muscle growth and fat reduction. Apart from that, it also contains Vitamin D and Omega 3 fatty acids. So if you lack in testosterone, you can easily take two egg yolks in your breakfast. It is, of course, delicious and useful not only for testosterone boosts but also muscle building.

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