Kratom – Uses, Types and Side effects

Updated on June 17, 2020

Kratom is an energy booster that helps in making you out of depression or anxiety. It’s an efficient supplement that helps you in changing your mood, pain killer as well as it also works as the antidote. It is herbal products that are extracted from the evergreen tree and these trees are usually found in Southeast Asia. There are different ways of eating the kratom including chewing, swallowing dry kratom as well as brewing. However, it can also be used to make a liquid product such as syrup. 

The liquid syrup is mostly used in preventing diarrhea, relieving muscle pain as well as for the stoppage of cramps. According to research, talking low dosage can help you in making you energetic whereas high dosage usually used for relieving pain. Remember, taking a high dosage creates some side effects for your body whereas you will also feel sleepy and crazy. In this article, we will discuss this herbal extract in detail including its side effects and types of Kratom. 

Types of Kratom 

There are different types of Kratom and these are known as Kratom Strains. The kratom strains are named from the area they found in. Below some are some of the popular types of Kratom:

Thai Maeng Da

This type of Kratom is mostly known because it lasts long and comparatively strong than others. Maeng Da kratom is usually found in Thailand but Maeng Da Kratom of Malaysia and Indonesia is also available in the market. There are three colors available in Maeng Da including Green, Red, and White. Each color contains special benefits along with side effects. The reason behind why this type is considered as strongest is that it contains the solution for relieving pain, mood enhancer whereas it also causes you to become talkative. 

Indonesian Kratom 

The kratom that is found in Indonesia is known as Indonesian kratom or Indo kratom. This can be in red, green, or white but most people consume green colored kratom. The Indonesian kratom is the most naturally derived kratom that has very few side effects if the consumption is balanced. This type of kratom is the combination of white and green kratom usually. As it is natural, it’s also amazing in taste whereas the quality of this kratom is so high. Talking this kratom benefits you in enhancing your mood as well as getting out of the stress by making your mind refreshed. 

Malaysian Kratom  

The kratom found in regions of Malaysia is Malaysian Kratom and its color is dark green. It is also organic and mostly it is consumed as a powder. Talking about the taste of this type, it’s sourer than others. The reason behind this is the mixed Maeng Da in it. If you consume the low dosage of Malaysian Kratom then it might help you in keeping the focus and boosting your energy while you can relieve pain in high dosage but it may cost you side effects. One of its major side effects is that after consumption, the user starts itching on the body. 

Difference between the colors 

  • White Kratom 

It’s mostly used in Thailand and this color contains many advantages. Its advantages include boosting your energy, relieving your pain as well as becoming talkative. After consuming it, you can work harder and longer. Most of the sportsmen use this to energize themselves. In Thailand, people believe that they can work for more than 12 hours after consuming it and they will end their day energetically rather than usual day. However, the benefits and side effects of white kratom depend upon the quantity of dose you consume. 

  • Green Kratom 

Green Kratom is also a famous product of Thailand and it’s the most natural form of kratom. It is mostly known as a magical charm because it converts the user’s feeling and makes the feel well being. It is mostly consumed in the form of capsules. Many paralyzed people consume it to feel them energetic whereas Green Kratom shouldn’t be consumed in high dosage. If you consume high, you will feel many side effects in that. 

  • Red Kratom 

The most long-lasting and strong type of kratom is Red kratom. It is a strong herbal product that helps you as a pain killer and a solution to chronic pain. It is also used as an energy booster but comparatively, it contains fewer side effects. It makes you focus on the thing you are doing. 

Side Effects of Kratom 

First of all, you should know that researchers think that if you consume unbalance kratom then it may cost you more side effects rather than benefits. The major side effects may not be permanent but it affects your body hard. Medical institutes in the USA also witnessed some of the deaths that usually consume high kratom. Some of its major side effects are written below for your consideration:

  • It can cause you to lose weight intentionally. 
  • Can cause vomiting 
  • The system of constipation, as well as urine, may get effected 
  • Muscle pain can be reported due to the high dosage 
  • It can make you dry mouth 
  • Causing liver damage is also reported 
  • Increase your blood pressure
  • Make your lazy and sleepy if you consume unbalance dose
  • Seizure, Come and Death 


Consuming the kratom is not the task but consuming in the best way is beneficial. If you consume high then you may feel hard side effects and in some cases, it can also cause you to death. It usually starts taking effect after 10 minutes of consumption. Several products contain kratom in it. Some of the medicines especially the pain killers and energy booster use this herbal product as their ingredient. 

If you are planning to use the kratom then you should consult with your physician as it will be much better for your health and body. You should also buy the organic and high-quality kratom which is easily available in the market or online store. If you are willing to buy the kratom online then you buy from Kratom Rack.     

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