Tips on Picking Disposable Gloves for First Responders

Updated on April 27, 2023
Tips on Picking Disposable Gloves for First Responders

Medical gloves are essential for all medical professionals. However, choosing a suitable glove for your crew might be difficult because there is much to consider. It’s important to be aware of allergies to materials like latex—though it is rare, a latex allergy can endanger staff and patients. Read these tips on picking disposable gloves for first responders.

Learn the Materials

Surgical and exam gloves are quite different. Surgical gloves are completely latex. Exam gloves, also called medical gloves, are made of nitrile, vinyl, and latex. If you are a first responder, a doctor, or a caregiver examining a patient, exam gloves are the top choice.

Only use vinyl gloves when completing a less tactile task, like lifting a patient onto a stretcher. Keep in mind that they aren’t as durable as latex. Nitrile is a popular material in the health care industry, especially if someone has a latex allergy. You can wear these gloves for a while, and they have better protection against diseases transmitted by bodily fluids.

Check Out Powdered and Unpowdered Gloves

The biggest difference between powdered and unpowdered gloves is lubrication. Medical professionals previously enjoyed powdered gloves because they were easy to remove and lubricated the hands. However, the cornstarch powder on these gloves prevented open cuts and wounds from healing naturally. This problem made medical professionals switch to unpowdered gloves.

Read the Product Description To Know if It’s Medical Grade

You won’t know that a pack of gloves is medical grade without reading the product description. By checking the label, you can tell if the disposable gloves are ideal for first responders. Always check the production description of medical supplies to ensure they are right for the job.

Why This Matters

Knowing how to pick medical-grade disposable gloves is valuable and will save you and your workers from getting sick while examining a patient. Be smart and buy the right products you and your team need for your medical supplies closet.