Tips on how to lose weight and travel – weight loss surgery in Poland

Updated on September 23, 2023

A chance to combine taking care of one’s health with pleasure travelling and sightseeing gives patients is always an idea worth considering. Gastric bypass in Poland is a perfect solution for those who need an affordable, top quality bariatric surgery and want to visit an interesting tourist destination at the same time.

Medical Tourism in Poland

The term medical tourism refers to patients who look for an appropriate medical treatment outside the country they live in. There are two major reasons for seeking medical treatment abroad. In the first possible scenario, patients cannot find the treatment they need in their home country, because the national health system along with the variety of medical services available for patients is less developed than abroad. In the recent years however, it can be observed that patients from more developed Western countries visit countries such as Poland, Turkey, Hungary or Czech Republic to obtain high quality medical treatment that is available in Western Europe and the USA for an incomparably higher price. This shift has helped medical tourism in Poland to develop to such extent that this country has become one of the most important medical tourism destinations in Europe. 

Why Poland?

The answer is very simple. The price for a gastric bypass surgery in Poland can be even 50 percent lower than in the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Belgium, Germany and the USA. Foreign patients choosing to undergo bariatric surgeries in Poland can also be assured of the high quality of services and medical care, professionalism of doctors and shorter waiting lists. The top-quality modern clinics are situated near the biggest Polish cities such as Warsaw, Cracow, Gdansk and Wroclaw with international airports offering direct flights from most European and American cities. It is also very convenient for patients to use services of accredited medical agencies offering all-inclusive treatment packages including the chosen procedure, cost of the flight, stay in the hotel, commuting as well as pre and post operation medical consultations. 

Gastric bypass surgery – How does it work?

Gastric bypass, also known as Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery, is the most popular and effective Weight Loss Surgery available for patients with morbid obesity. The procedure is recommended for patients with BMI (Body Mass Index) reaching 40. Those with BMI oscillating between 35 and 40 but suffering from the so-called co-morbidities (obesity related medical conditions) such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension and heart diseases can also be accepted for the treatment. Then, it needs to be confirmed that the patient has already tried other methods of losing weight, such as diets, but they did not bring satisfactory results. 

This surgery is usually performed using laparoscopic method, which is far less invasive than a traditional open surgery and ensures faster recovery after the procedure. During the surgery, the stomach needs to be bypassed and its size reduced significantly. Surgeons make small incisions in the patient’s abdomen to reach the upper part of the stomach, which is then stapled to form a small stomach pouch, no larger than a thumb. A part of the small intestine is then reshaped in the form of the letter “Y” and attached to the new stomach pouch. 

The bypassed stomach with reduced storage capacity means that the patient can no longer eat big portions of food. Reshaping of the small intestines does not allow for the full absorption of calories from food during the digestion process.

All the mentioned factors contribute to an incredibly fast weight loss. A person can lose even more than 50 percent of the excess body weight within one and a half years after the procedure. Of course, patients cannot forget that the weight loss results depend mostly on keeping the post operation diet and all the medical recommendations. Another important thing to remember is that the surgery is permanent and the changes in the bypassed digestive system are almost impossible to reverse. 

Gastric bypass surgery is certainly one of the best bariatric procedures available for patients with obesity. With competitive prices for bariatric surgeries and professionalism of specialists, Poland has become an important destination on the medical tourism map.

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