Tips for Recognizing Clinical Lab Employee Achievement

Updated on October 7, 2022
Tips for Recognizing Clinical Lab Employee Achievement

Clinical lab professionals fulfill a critical role in helping healthcare providers achieve the best outcomes for their patients. In the healthcare industry, and in all places of work, it’s important to celebrate success and hard work. Show you value employees’ dedication to their work with these tips for recognizing clinical lab employee achievement.

Praise Different Types of Achievements

Consider the range of achievements you want to recognize, then communicate your intentions to all employees. Once staff know that your lab genuinely values these successes, it can motivate them to exceed expectations.

Commend employees for the deft use of their hard and soft skills. Consider praising exceptional communication skills, adherence to your lab’s stated mission and values, and encouraging fellow lab staff. Shining a light on a range of achievements shows employees that you value their work and appreciate their contributions.

Use Different Methods To Express Appreciation

The next tip for recognizing lab employee achievement is to use different methods to express appreciation. Recognition is one of the best ways to retain quality employees in your lab, so it’s important to convey thoughtful appreciation regularly.

You can recognize employees at a staff meeting, at a special awards meeting or event, on your department’s website, with a physical or virtual card, or with an item such as a gift card. Highlight the connection between the recognition and the employee’s positive actions by giving the award in a timely manner.

Encourage Nominations From Staff

Finally, encourage staff members to nominate coworkers for awards. This helps build a positive workplace filled with people who support one another and appreciate teamwork.

One of the easiest ways to encourage nominations is to share an electronic submission form. Staff can include their nominee’s name and examples of the nominee’s outstanding work. Team members can also give shout-outs to recognize people for notable actions or efforts.