Tips for Growing a Manufacturing of Adhesive Business

Updated on March 6, 2020

Adhesives have been a critical aspect of life for a very long time. Ancient civilizations used naturally occurring adhesives like plant glue and starch-based glue for various purposes. For instance, they would use glue to bind different materials, including stones with stones, wood, paper, and fabric. It was not until the late 16th century, that the first commercial plant glue factory was established. During the industrial revolution, glue manufacturing grew into a thriving industry. However, it is in the 20th century that the industry opened up due to advances in technology. Extensive research led to the creation of various products including new resins and plastics. 

The industry has continued to grow, with people finding more uses for adhesives such as cloth tapes (double-sided). Currently, adhesives factories produce forty pounds of this product for every person in the United States, and the industry continues to expand. To help you grow with the industry, here are a few tips you can use to grow your adhesive manufacturing business.

1. Source for Cheap Raw Materials

Manufacturing adhesives requires that you buy raw materials, and where you get your manufacturing materials, will determine the cost of your products. You need to source for the cheapest raw materials possible so that you can have a competitive advantage. Instead of having different retailers deliver these materials to your business, you can instead go to the very sources and buy them directly from the producers. That way you will have saved a lot of money that middlemen add on to the price.

2. Move your manufacturing processes to low-cost countries 

The adhesive business is competitive and unless you are among the best, you are likely to fail. The key areas of focus for market players are price and quality. Considering that most products now come from emerging markets, manufacturing low-tech products like adhesives in the developed world may be impractical. To make the business work for you, look for a way to move your manufacturing to low-cost countries. You will maintain a good quality of service, while at the same time offering competitive prices. This approach is advantageous in two ways. First, you can compete effectively with global players in terms of prices. Secondly, you can leverage on exposure to the international markets to grow market share in emerging markets where demand for adhesives is growing.

3. Market Your Business

Social media has grown into a very useful and strong marketing tool. Nearly all businesses around the world have some sort of an online presence. Businesses are connecting with other related businesses and with clients on social media on a grand scale. You may want to open Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, and let people know what you do and what you can offer. On social media, you will not only find clients, but supportive business partners, and a lot of other useful information from people in that line of business. So, make sure you have a Facebook business page, an Instagram page, and a Twitter handle. You will be surprised at how much your business will grow just by letting your business in the digital space.

4. Invest in research and development

Adhesive manufacturing requires adequate research to keep up with upcoming trends. Different people are coming up with new ways to manufacture new and better products every day. It is important that you also invest in research and development and improve your products. The better your products, the more market you will get, and the more you will grow your revenues.

5. Customer Service

Upcoming businesses tend to look down upon this aspect of a business, but it is a very important aspect that every enterprise should work on. The way you treat your customers, whether they will make a purchase or not is extremely important. Customers are an excellent mechanism for word of mouth advertisement, and there is no other marketing as effective as a customer referral. Ensure that there is a good communication platform to respond to your customers’ queries, and to offer them any kind of assistance or advice that they may require. This will significantly grow your brand equity and by extension your market share. 

6. Know Your Market

Understanding your market is necessary for any venture, and adhesive manufacturing is no different. Since you are going into manufacturing, you will need to know the companies you will be selling your products to. You also need to know the products in your line that are in high demand. This will help you balance your production, and focus resources on adhesive products that have the highest possibility of growth. 

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