Breast Implant Removal Is Growing In Popularity

In the age of Instagram, it may seem like breast implants are more popular than ever before, but a Yahoo article about plastic surgery trends for 2020 indicates that many women are choosing to have their breast implants removed. There is a trend towards a more realistic look, which means smaller breasts that are natural or appear natural. There are women who want their breast implants removed because of concerns that their implants are negatively impacting their health. Breast implant removal is a growing niche in plastic surgery that presents business opportunities to cosmetic surgeons and also, most importantly, meets the needs of many women. 

Who is a candidate for this procedure?

Any woman who is unhappy with her breast implants, for any reason, might be a good candidate for this procedure. For example, a woman who got implants in the past, but now wants to go natural, except for non-invasive cosmetic surgery procedures, such as Botox and dermal fillers, could be an ideal candidate. The Injectable Effects team asserts that there is a trend towards cosmetic procedures that are in-office procedures, with little or no recovery time. Another scenario is that a woman has read about a possible link between breast implants and health problems, and wants her implants removed for the sake of her health. According to the Food & Drug Association, the longer breast implants are in place, the higher the risk of health complications.

Some women choose smaller implants

When smaller implants are chosen after removal, a woman may feel better about how she looks, and may also feel more comfortable. Larger implants are heavy and can be cumbersome. They may cause significant discomfort, including posture problems, according to a scientific study published in the Plastic Reconstructive Surgery Journal. There are females who have their implants removed for this reason alone.

When removal of breast implants is sought out primarily for aesthetic reasons, a will sign on for two plastic surgery procedures, instead of one. There is actually a range of forms of breast implant removal procedures. For example, a woman might opt for breast augmentation removal, followed by fat grafting, or she might choose removal alone, or removal plus new implants.

Plastic surgeons who want to generate more income, while also helping women to attain better health and more positive self-images, will do well to understand the trend towards breast implant removal and market that procedure to their patients. It’s a procedure that many women believe in. Its popularity is likely to keep growing in the future.