The Top 7 Wellness Websites of 2020 Revealed

Updated on September 6, 2021

One of the few positives to come out of 2020 has been that we’ve all been afforded the opportunity to slow down and spend more time on ourselves. Maintaining financial,  physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness has, as a result, been huge this year. Some people have even taken courses online to further their health and fitness education. Fo example, you can earn certifications online from a massage school or by taking yoga classes.

To cater to the demand there are thousands of websites offering all kinds of advice. Of course, not all of that advice is reliable, or even beneficial. That’s why we thought it was a good idea to wade through the wellness website market to bring you the best of the best. 

In this article, we present the Top 5 Wellness websites of 2020 that you can rely upon to help you achieve total wellness.


This is a digital wellness platform and lifestyle brand that have established themselves as a premium content provider. 1AND1 Life has done it by bringing together a team of certified fitness and wellness experts with real life experience related to the topics they write about. For example, they only review products that they have personally used, tried and tested. They refuse to accept free products from manufacturers in exchange for friendly reviews.

1AND1 Life is a one stop wellness online portal. Whereas most wellness sites focus on a specific feature, such as fitness, nutrition or financial wellness, at 1AND1 LIFE you’ll find cutting edge content in each of these areas, as well as emotional, intellectual and spiritual wellness. 

1AND1 LIFE does an exceptional job when it comes to providing content related to emotional wellness, with articles on managing anxiety, coping with pressure and dealing with change. Their popular Off the Cuff series features video interviews with leaders in all areas of wellness. 

Cash Money Life

CashMoneyLife is a personal finance and career website that is packed with advice, guidance and tips on money management, small business, improving credit scores, how to use your credit card wisely, and much more. The site features reviews of the best financial service providers across a wide range of categories. Other sections include Side Hustle, which provides lots of money making ideas, money management, which focuses on banking, income, spending and budgeting, and insurance, which highlights the best providers across every imaginable type of insurance. 

One thing that we didn’t find on CashMoneyLife was advice on finding a job. Fortunately, we’ve got that covered right here, with guidance on job interview negotiation techniques. 


Felix is a diagnosis-to-delivery telehealth clinic. With a short online assessment, you can get prescriptions for a variety of lifestyle medications from a licensed Canadian doctor.  Delivery is free and auto-refills mean you don’t need to worry about running out of medication.

Felix is a patient-driven digital healthcare company founded in 2019. Felix is on a mission to empower people to take control of their health and wellbeing. We’re passionate about building technology and beautiful product experiences to make healthcare more accessible (and maybe even more enjoyable) for all Canadians. Felix is one of Canada’s leading end-to-end healthcare platforms, providing online diagnoses, prescription delivery and ongoing care for birth control, erectile dysfunction, acne, hair loss, herpes, and more.

Muscle & Fitness

Muscle & Fitness is the online version of the magazine founded by fitness magnate Joe Weider more than 70 years ago. The site contains a massive amount of training content, nutritional guidance, recipes, workout plans and videos. All of that content is available free of charge. 

Though Muscle & Fitness is an awesome source of reliable fitness instruction, it is not a fitness tracking site. If you’re looking to track your training and nutrition, we recommend that you use MyFitnessPal

As well as print and diagrammatic descriptions of exercises, Muscle & Fitness provides a lot of video content. This allows you to watch the video demo on your phone in the gym before doing your set. You’ll find workouts on the site to meet virtually any training goal from weight loss to muscle gain to off-season training for football. 

The nutritional content on Muscle & Fitness is provided by sport and fitness nutrition professionals. As with the workouts, it is tailored to specific fitness and sports outcomes, with plenty of time tested and simple to prepare recipes also being provided. 

When it comes to reliability, longevity and trustworthiness in the fitness industry, you can’t get any better than Muscle & Fitness and their online presence does the name proud.


Healthline is an all encompassing health and wellness information provider that is staffed by a team of doctors, nurses and public health experts. Every article is meticulously referenced with clinical studies. That combination has quickly made Healthline one of the most trusted and reliable wellness information providers on the internet. 

Healthline covers a wide range of topics, including parenting, mental healthcare, weight loss, supplementation, and specific health conditions. This website provides in-depth advice directly from medical professionals that you can rely upon, allowing you to make smart decisions about your health.

The Real Food Dietitians

There is a lot of dubious nutritional information online. The fact that The Real Food Dietitians is the creation of two registered dietitians sets it apart as a reliable source of science based nutritional advice. You’ll find lots of healthy eating tips along with hundreds of recipes and meal plans. 

The Real Food Dietitians offer plenty of quick prepare recipes for the crockpot, instant pot or one dish. You also find a full selection of vegan, gluten free, Paleo, dairy free and nut free recipes. Their Dinners Made Simple section is great when you need to come up with a healthy meal quick. 

counselingreviews provides in-depth analysis on online therapies and online consulting services, for better and faster decisions. 

Wrap Up

The five websites reviewed in this article will allow you to wade through the plethora of information online to get the reliable information you need. You can use each of these sites with confidence to help you achieve total wellness. 

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