The Role of Refrigerated Trucks in the Fight Against COVID

Updated on November 19, 2020
The Role of Refrigerated Trucks in the Fight Against COVID

In the fight to control the spread of the novel coronavirus, it is important for countries to use every weapon in their arsenal. This can include some unconventional tools that you may not have considered before the start of the pandemic, including refrigerated vehicles. These vehicles are responsible for the continuation of society in this difficult time. Here is a look at the role of refrigerated trucks in the fight against COVID.

Rolling Morgues

One of the defining images of the past year has been of refrigerated trucks behind hospitals storing the bodies of coronavirus victims. They have become necessary because morgues continue to run out of space. But while the trucks will become the picture placed in history books, we must remember the positive contributions that refrigerated vans and trucks have made in this fight.

Medical Delivery

In the medical field, there are specific conditions you must maintain for almost everything you transport, especially if you carry vaccines. This includes strict temperature requirements for medications and vaccinations. During the COVID crisis, refrigerated trucks have continued with the delivery of their normal supplies while also delivering respirators, medications, and other supplies to our healthcare heroes.

Food Delivery

Along with the continued delivery of food to grocery stores, refrigerated vans and trucks have also picked up more of the food delivery slack during this pandemic. With many people worried about leaving their homes, grocery delivery has become a popular alternative to breaking quarantine. Refrigerated vehicles are also being put to use by food banks to help deliver food to those in need, especially people who are unable to come into the food bank or shelter themselves. Being able to continue getting food to grocery stores and to those who need the assistance has been a very significant role of refrigerated trucks in the fight against COVID.