The Plastic Bags Used for Health Care and Hospitals

Updated on July 9, 2021
The Plastic Bags Used for Health Care and Hospitals

The many moving parts of the health care industry require that staff transfer items around hospitals and facilities with as much efficiency as possible. It is no surprise, then, that the health care industry has devised a plethora of plastic bags that each have their own purpose. If you want some background on a few of these items, read on to learn about the plastic bags used for health care and hospitals.

Dressing Disposal Bags

Dressing disposal bags, made from high-density plastic, are red-colored. The health care industry uses them to collect and dispose of wound dressings.

Specimen Bags

Containing a “hazard” emblem, specimen bags are used to carry specimens between hospitals and labs. These bags have a three-wall design and contain an outer pouch. The pouch holds documents related to the specimen.

Pharmacy Bags

When it comes to pharmacy bags, it is vitally important that they have durable construction, which is why they are made from high-density polyethylene. They have an adhesive tape closure and come in white to help protect the patient’s privacy.

Cleanroom Bags

In order to ensure that sensitive medical tools, like catheters, stay in pristine condition, health care staff hold them in cleanroom bags before using them. These bags are free of contamination.

Sterilization Bags

Sterilization bags are green-tinted. They are used for the gas sterilization of hospital equipment.

Waste Bags

A vital item among the plastic bags used for health care and hospitals, waste bags have low-density liners. A waste bag protects the handler from the bag’s contents. On their front is a biohazard symbol and warnings in various languages. The primary purpose of these bags is to carry and dispose of infectious waste.

Transfer Bags

Complete with a tamper-evident seal closure, health care staff use transfer bags to transport drugs from the pharmacy to their next location. For easy tearing, the bags have an integrated perforation. They are exceptionally strong.