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The Latest Developments in EMR Technology

The global healthcare market is worth an estimated $8.4 billion. That’s a huge amount of money, which is why companies are investing so much in healthcare technology. 

In the UK, healthcare is largely government-funded, but in the US, the market is open to all players and technological developments are ongoing. Healthcare is expensive for many people. In the US, people often need to take out loans to pay for simple procedures that are not covered by their insurance plan. If you fall into this category, this lending stream loan alternative might be helpful.  

Differences Between EMR and EHR

EMR vs EHR: The differences between an EMR and EHR is sometimes confusing. Sometimes they are used interchangeably, while other times they are in sync with each other. An electronic medical record (EMR) is a document that records interactions between clinicians, laboratories, and patients in a digital format. The interaction contains information such as demographics, billing information, and disease history. An electronic health record (EHR) is a system that collects, stores, and shares medical data digitally.

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No matter what you refer to it as, the good news is that EHRs or EMRs help to save money, and these savings are then passed down to consumers.

EMR Technology is Changing the Face of Modern Healthcare

EMR technology is a key development in the healthcare sector. Medical records enable caregivers to look after patients more effectively. In the old days, paper records were kept in hospitals and medical centres. This made it hard to trace a patient’s records if they sought help in a different location or their medical records were missing.

Transferring a patient’s medical records to an electronic database was a game-changer and today, electronic health records (EMRs) offer far greater security and quality of care. So, what are the latest developments?

EMR Technology and Mobile Devices

Because EMR technology is so effective at streamlining healthcare and improving workflow, it is being improved upon all the time. Developers are now looking at ways to link EMRs and smart devices, such as smartphones and wearables. For example, this would help patients communicate with doctors, as they could send a photo of a symptom or upload data from a wearable device. 

Wearables and EMR Tech

Fitness trackers are the 21st century way to monitor health conditions and live a healthy lifestyle. They generate a lot of useful data, such as blood pressure and heart rate readings. In some patients, this information could be automatically uploaded to the cloud-based platform and added to a patient’s EMR. From there, healthcare physicians can examine the date and treat the patient accordingly. 

Utilising Cloud-Based Platforms

Cloud technology is an important development in the EMR field. Storing a patient’s health data in the cloud means it is safer and more secure. Old-style medical records had to be kept in a room somewhere on-site, which made them vulnerable to fire, flooding, and anyone searching for information they were not supposed to be looking at. 

Cloud-storage is far safer, and it also frees up space in medical facilities. Rooms previously used for medical record storage can now be requisitioned for patients and medical equipment. It’s a win-win for everyone. 

Cloud technology also saves money for hospitals and other medical facilities because they no longer need to pay for their own software and digital systems. 

The EMR technology market is growing every year. Further IT integration and adoption by healthcare providers around the world ensure EMR technology is here to stay. And with the number of patients increasing year on year, it’s likely that even more countries will soon embrace the use of medical health records in their facilities. 

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